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Winter Skin Care - Take Care of Your Skin During Winter

A Practical Guide to Weatherproofing Your Skin!                                                                 Printable Version

COLD weather’s great for a lot of things: snowboarding, skiing, or just relaxing by a fire. But unfortunately it can also seriously damage your skin. Falling temperatures, chilling winds, and overheating in your home can all work to dry out and crack your face and body’s surface. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to maintain your skin’s health during the long, winter months.

The key to keeping skin healthy in cold weather is to keep it hydrated. Colder air has less moisture in it and this causes skin to dry and chap easily. Make up for this lack of hydration by moisturizing twice as much as you do Daily Face Wash - MenScienceduring warmer months. Consider purchasing a humidifier to replace moisture in your home’s air.

A steaming hot shower can be tempting on cold days, but keep your shower lukewarm. Very hot water evaporates quickly and can dehydrate skin. Make sure to put on moisturizer within five minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in moisture.

Clean your face with a gentle face wash, rather than soap, which can dry out your skin. Products like MenScience’s Daily Face Wash contain hydrating ingredients like aloe and glycerin that can help replenish skin’s moisture.

Keep skin protected from outside elements like cold and wind by covering up your face and body well, and use lip protection regularly to avoid chapping. Even though it’s cold, don’t forget to use sunscreen; ultraviolet rays are still strong during the winter and glare from snow can also cause skin damage.

For very dry feet, try moisturizing, then covering them with light cotton socks just before you go to bed. Your skin’s pores will absorb the moisturizer better when covered, rather than allowing the moisturizer to evaporate into the air.

And finally, while it’s tempting to take extra precautions against the season’s colds and illnesses, reduce your use of antibacterial gels and wipes. They contain alcohol, which robs skin of moisture.

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ABSTRACT: Dry Winter Sensitive Skin Care for Men.
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