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Pros and Cons: Electric Razors vs. Manual Razors vs. DE Razors

Discovering the Shaver that Works Best for Your Skin

RAZORS have been around since ancient times, when men used bronze blades or obsidian tools to shave off hairs. These days, there are enough shaving options available to fill up an aisle in the drug store. But what works the best? Electric? Manual? What’s the deal with DE razors?

MenScience breaks down the Pros and Cons of each so you can decide what will work best for your own shaving style.

Electric Razor

  • Electric razors tend to shave hair away faster than manual razors. Because they roll up the skin, forcing hairs up before cutting them, men don’t need to go over the same area as many times.
  • Although they are heavier than manual razors, they are often more portable, since they can be used anywhere there is an electrical source.
  • Electric razors do not require special grooming items such as shaving cream, soap, gels or even water.
  • They are more versatile in that they can be used to accurately shave facial hair, beards, mustaches, and sideburns.
  • Shaving with an electric razor could reduce nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs.


  • Electric razors do not shave as closely as manual razors, so you may not get a super-smooth finish and you may have to shave more frequently if you have normal-to-heavy facial hair.
  • Many men find that using an electrical razor takes practice. Although this type of shaving is considered “safer” than manual shaving, it can still be painful and lead to irritation.
  • Although some new models allow electric razors to be used in wet conditions, the majority cannot be used in the shower. Electric razors also tend to be pretty loud.
  • They require rechargeable batteries or an electrical outlet. If not properly charged, electrical razors can die in the middle of a shave.
  • Electric razors need more attention when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.
  • Their initial purchase and upkeep are usually more expensive than other forms of shaving, although a quality, long-lasting electric razor can actually save men money over their lifetime.

Manual (Cartridge) Razor


  • Manual razors provide the closest shave for a longer period of time than other razors.
  • Manual razors are often the first shaving gear a man relies on since they are so easy to use.
  • Blades and equipment are easily replaced.
  • Although their cost can add up over time, manual razors are usually the cheapest and most cost-effective option available to men.
  • Manual razors are easy to travel with and to clean.


  • Shaving with a manual razor often takes longer, since they require an application of grooming products such as shave cream and aftershave solutions.
  • The blades of manual razors dull quickly and need to be replaced every 4-5 shaves.
  • Shaving with a manual razor increases your chance of getting nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs, as you might have to go over the same area several times to get the closest shave.
  • Manual razors are sometimes less versatile, since they do require a wet shave and water for a painless shave.

DE (Double- or Dual-Edged) Razor


  • DE razors tend to be the cheapest shaving method over time. Although finding a reliable handle can be difficult or pricey, the blades themselves cost less than 50 cents each.
  • Shaving with DE razors works great for men who are prone to ingrown hairs, since the single blade does not cut as closely to the skin.
  • DE razors stay extremely sharp for optimal shaving for longer periods of time.


  • Many men find shaving with the single blade of the DE razors takes some getting used to.
  • Shaving handles tend to be expensive, and although some men’s grooming companies are releasing new styles, they are still not very widely available yet.
  • DE razors sometimes do not provide the closest shave for men with heavy facial hair.

Obviously, there are lots of choices available for men when it comes to picking the men’s shaving gear that’s right for their skin. But whether you opt to stick with the trusty cartridge razor, or want to shave like Granddad with a DE razor, be sure to use shaving products proven to give you a close shave every single time. MenScience recommends the following products to maximize your shaving results:

Advanced Shave Formula: An innovative, foamless shaving formula that delivers a super-close and smooth shave, while combating irritation and ingrown hairs with ingredients like Aloe, Azulene, Tea Tree Extract and Salicylic Acid.

Post-Shave Repair: Immediately calms redness and razor burn with anti-inflammatory ingredients, helps stressed skin recover and heal after shaving, and resolves and prevents ingrown hairs and clogged pores.

Microfine Face Scrub: Apply before shaving to exfoliate dead skin cells, clear pores and release hair stubs, which will lead to a closer and more effective shave.

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ABSTRACT: MenScience informs men about wet shave, dual-edged razors, double-edge razors, manual cartridge razors and electric razors so they can choose the best one to reduce razor burn, ingrown hairs and get the closest shave.

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