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Men with Sensitive Skin and Shaving Irritation

Who doesn't love a really smooth shave? Not only does it make you look great, but you feel good about yourself too. However, shaving irritation can really make you dread the whole experience. If you're fortunate enough to have normal skin, you can get away with some mild skin irritation and a short period of discomfort.

Guys with sensitive skin however end up going through worse. Post shave, they might notice too many cuts peppering their face, red rashes, tiny and irritated bumps or even infected blisters and pimples. The severe stinging and itchy feeling that can last for days. Not to mention, it just looks terrible. Here at MenScience, we want to help you understand what the cause is behind this irritation. Plus, we've got good advice that can help make your shaving experience something you look forward to, instead of dread.

Do You Really Have Sensitive Skin?
It is certainly easy to think that post-shave bleeding, irritation or breaking out occurs due to the type of skin you have. While your skin maybe completely normal, some guys are clueless about the right shaving routine and may damage or irritate their skin.

Having said that, it is important to acknowledge the reality of sensitive skin and that extra precautions are necessary for those with this skin type. You might have sensitive skin if you suffer from:

Extremely Parched Skin - you often notice severe flaking, itchiness, and red rashes across your skin.

Ingrown Hair - raised bumps that appear to be pimples are scattered around the area you shave in. When curly hair is shaved too close to skin, it curls back to pierce the skin and continues to grow inside.

Excessive Oiliness - oily skin can also clog the hair follicles within your facial pores. This forces the hair to grow under the skin sideways, rather than outward.

Acne – a common skin condition causing appearance of spots, greasy skin, pimples, and black or white heads.

Eczema – a medical condition that causes skin sensitivity. It appears on the surface of the skin in the form of small red bumps.

Can You Prevent Shaving Irritation?
Guys with sensitive skin can definitely help improve their shaving experience. It is possible to cut down on post-shave complications with these simple tips:

1. Shave after your Shower
The warm and moist atmosphere in the bathroom after taking a hot shower helps hydrate your skin. On account of the heat and steam, your pores open up and facial hair becomes soft. It’s easier to shave softer hair.

2. Use Better Shaving Products
Invest in a formula intended specifically for shaving. Ingredients such as Allantoin and Azulene are professional-grade and help prevent razor burns and irritation while gently soothing your skin. You can effectively combat ingrown hair with Salicylic Acid. Tea Tree Extract has proven anti-inflammatory properties that reduce any chances of developing ingrown hair in the future.

3. Cream Base over Foam
Shaving foams are manufactured with soap or soap-like ingredients that can dry out and irritate the skin. Shaving creams help get a close shave as they allow a razor blade to gently glide over rather than scrape the skin. With an Aloe or Glycerin formula, a shaving cream can create a rich lubricating layer for skin protection.

4. Regularly Change Blades
Razor blades should be used only 5-6 times. If you are being extra careful, it is best to clean them with rubbing alcohol which kills bacteria. However, razors should be changed regularly because dull blades are an unnecessary cause of irritation.

5. Post Shave Care
Generously spritz on an after shave balm which is free of alcohol, fragrance, oils or any other irritants. It can help your skin recover from the stress of shaving while ensuring your pores remain unclogged. A hydrating formula with rosemary extract can provide antiseptic protection while leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Goodbye, Razor Burn!
A good clean shave can certainly be elating. If you follow good shaving practices and take essential care of your skin, there is no reason to suffer from shaving irritation. Treat your skin well: you deserve it!