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Face Wash Face Scrub Face Lotion Clay Mask Face Tonic Face Brush Face Kit
Shave Cream After-Shave Shave Kit Face Scrub
Eye Cream Anti-Aging Cream Anti-Aging System Eye Gel Mask Pigmentation Repair
Acne Spot Cream Acne Lotion Acne Pads Acne Kit
Deodorant Body Wash Body Lotion Body Powder Sunblock SPF30 Shampoo Hair Pomade Body Gloves Lip Balm SPF30
Scientific Nutrition Program Multivitamin Antioxidants 24 Fit System Whey Protein Pre-Workout Post-Workout Creatine Omega 3 Thermogenic CLA Supplement BURN Stack BUILD Stack BOOST Stack
Travel Kit 24 Fit System Anti-Aging System Face Kit Acne Kit Body & Hair Kit Shave Kit Large Travel Case Personal Travel Bag BURN Stack BUILD Stack BOOST Stack

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Free Radical Protection
“Your body needs antioxidant protection to strengthen its repair processes,
and combat negative effects of free-radicals that damage the cells and
accelerate the aging."

Advanced Antioxidants
Price $28.00

This Summer's Must Have Items
“With men in mind, this tough, non-greasy, water and swat proof sunblock
will stand up to any environmental extreme you might find your self in.
Made strong – it repairs sun damaged skin as it protects."

TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30
Price $31.00


Outdoor Essentials
“The TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 offers the best non-greasy waterproof sunscreen
to protect your from UVA/UVB. This is a must have during summer-days."

TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30
Price $31.00

Super Traveling Supplement
“Traveling can wear down your system. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital to your
total optimal health, especially important for men's heart, brain and joints, and
help maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels."

Omega 3 Supplement Formula
Price $29.00

Deep Facial Cleansing
“Exfoliate dead skin cells and renew your complexion to get an even tone with
MenScience's exfoliating skin cleanser. Revitalizing your face just got easier."
—Men's Health

Microfine Face Scrub
Price $29.00

Clear on the Spot
“This acne cream targets existing acne and reduces inflammation and redness.
It's fast-absorbing & has an invisible application."

Acne Spot Repair
Price $21.00

Summerize Your Skin Care
“Switch to a body wash with saliylic acid, like MenScience Daily Body Wash,
which naturally exfoliates dead skin cells to prevent it clogging pores, especially
on acne-sensitve backs."

Daily Body Wash
Price $27.00

Powerful, So Gentle
“This combination of Glycolic and Malic Acids provides a clean, bright,
smoother-looking complexion."
—Beauty Launchpad

Advanced Face Tonic
Price $29.00

Vital Skin Care
“Prepare your face for shaving and get smoother results while preventing
ingrown hairs. This award-winning face scrub will revitalize your skin
and reveal your true complexion."

Microfine Face Scrub
Price $29.00

Pack-it Everywhere
“Packed with everything any prestige men requires while traveling, this
TSA-compliant travel kit is ideal for short business trips, as well as those
long family getaways."

Travel Kit
Price 78.00

Skin Is In
“It's about time you threw that soap bar out -- Take serious care if your
skin with this body wash, and restore your skin's healthy appearance."

Daily Body Wash
Price $27.00

Solid Choice
“Make it easy on yourself and trade in that pesky antiperspirant deo for the
solid MenScience Advanced Deodorant. It targets and diminishes odor-causing
bacteria, instead of simply masking odor with pesky fragrances."
—Men's Health

Advanced Deodorant
Price $17.00

King of Pigment
“The retinol formulation, found in MenScience Pigmentation Repair Formula,
visibly reduces the appearance of age spots, and dark patches left by the sun
and time -- it's the king of pigment creams."

Pigmentation Repair Formula
Price $49.00

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MenScience is proud of its award-winning portfolio of products. The company's androceutical products have garnered acclaim in some of the men's skin care and men's grooming industry's most prestigious competitions. Take a look at some of our winning products.

Men's Health Grooming Awards, Best Skin Exfoliator, 2005/2007/2008
Day Spa Magazine Editor's Choice Awards, Best Face Scrub, 2007
MenEssentials Consumer Choice Grooming Awards, 2008

Microfine Face Scrub
Price $29.00

Esquire Grooming Awards
Best Eye Treatment
Eye Rescue Formula
Price $37.00

Essence Reader's Choice
Beauty Awards
Best Facial Moisturizer
Advanced Face Lotion
Price $36.00

The Instinct Male Grooming Awards
Top Anti-Aging Cream
Anti-Aging Formula
Price $58.00

CEW Indie Beauty Awards
Greatest Face Cleanser
Daily Face Wash
Price $25.00

The Instinct Male Grooming Awards
Best Oil Free Suncreen
TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30
Price $31.00

MenEssentials Consumer
Grooming Awards
Most Reliable Deodorant for Men
Advanced Deodorant
Price $17.00

Other featured events include:

• Nikki Style's Pre-Daytime Emmy Awards Party - June 2007
MenScience contributed to gift bags for the premier pre-Daytime Emmy Awards event held at Nikki Midtown in NYC. The party was coordinated by Nikki Style Magazine.

• American Cancer Society Skin Cancer Awareness Month - May 2007
In honor of May's Skin Cancer Awareness Month, MenScience made a donation on behalf of associates and affiliates to the American Cancer Society.

• Night of 100 Stars Black Tie Dinner Gala - January 2007
A formal dinner and viewing party for the annual Academy Awards, attended by more than 200 celebrities. MenScience contributed samples for celebrity gift bags.

• Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - December 2006
MenScience made a holiday donation to the institute, an organization devoted to advancing the treatment and prevention of cancer and related diseases, with over 3,000 people supporting more than 150,000 patient visits a year.

• 2006 BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards - November 2006
An awards event hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television (Los Angeles) honoring artistic excellence throughout the world. Menscience supplies samples for gift bags.

• Clik Honors / Elite 25 Awards - November 2006
An awards event hosted by Clik Magazine honoring individuals from all fields that have promoted and benefited the gay, lesbian and transgender African-American community. Menscience supplied samples for gift bags.

• William Rast/Justin Timberlake Fashion Show - October 2006
The premier fashion show for Justin Timberlake's line of clothing. MenScience contributed samples for gift bags.

• Men's E-Magazine Launch Party @ Soho 323 in NYC - September 2006
The launch party for a new men's e-magazine focusing on style and grooming in New York. MenScience contributed a Raffle Prize containing the Daily Face Wash, Advanced Face Lotion, Advanced Lip Protection, Eye Gel Mask and Travel Bag.

• 2nd Annual Young Professionals Party to Benefit the SLE Lupus Foundation - September 2006
A benefit event for the SLE Lupus Foundation, an organization committed to researching and treating the disease. MenScience contributed samples to the event bags.

• UMM Anniversary / Bobbi Magazine Launch Party in Toronto - September 2006
An event celebrating Canadian style magazines UMM and Bobbi. MenScience contributed Daily Face Wash to gift bags.

• 2006 Entertainment Golf Association (EGA) tournament - August 2006
A golfing event attended by professional athletes and entertainers sponsored by Golf Digest and in conjunction with MTV. MenScience provided items for the gift bag.

• ConnectME Group NYC Men's Grooming Workshop - July 2006
A community education workshop in New York City focused on men's style and grooming. MenScience contributed sample bags of shaving and grooming items.

• Barney's NY Men's Press Event - May 2006
A presentation of the Fall 2006 Barney's NY men's collection, attended by top media and press. MenScience sent products for editor bags.

MenScience Attacks Stress-Induced Acne this Stress Awareness Month
In honor of Stress Awareness Month (April), MenScience, a leader in men’s skin care, grooming, and nutritional products, offers Acne Spot Repair, Acne Therapy Lotion, and Advanced Acne Pads to keep stress-related acne at bay.

This Valentine’s Day, Go for the Sexy Scruff, Says MenScience
In a poll surveying 1,753 women*, 47% preferred to see a little scruff on their men. The next majority of women agreed that scruff was super sexy.

Buff Up with MenScience’s New Advanced Body Scrub
MenScience Androceuticals introduces the Advanced Body Scrub, which contains a combination of hydroxy-acid and physical exfoliating ingredients that work double-time to promote cleaner, smoother skin.

A New Men's Hair Styling Gel Leaves Bad Hair Days in Bed
Nothing ruins a man's mojo more than a bad hair day. If a man's mane isn't successfully styled, an otherwise flawless look will go unnoticed.

MenScience Sponsors Loft 132 Soiree To Benefit The Haitian American Caucus
As part of the company’s commitment to better health and education, MenScience Androceuticals, a leading men’s skincare, grooming and nutritional company, is a proud sponsor of this year’s Loft 132 VIP Soiree to benefit the Haitian American Caucus.

Maximum Hair Control and Texture for Natural Men's Styling
When it comes to modern men’s hairstyles there’s nothing better than a style that looks completely natural. This is exactly what MenScience has achived with its Hair Styling Pomade.

MenScience Helps a Haute Cause
MenScience supports cancer research by donating to the 6th Annual Couture for Cancer fashion show hosted by the American Cancer Society...

Acne Spot Repair Gives New Meaning to “In Your Face”
For the majority of men, acne flare-ups do not end with the teen years. Whether it’s a lone pimple or a full-on breakout...

MenScience Breaks Out the Newest In Acne Treatment Line
MenScience, a leading men's skincare, grooming and nutritional supplement company, expands on its line of acne treatment for men with the addition of new Acne Therapy Lotion...

‘Out, Damned Spot!’
Out, Damned Spot!’ So goes the celebrated Shakespearean soliloquy from Act V, Scene 1 of ‘Macbeth;’ sentiments we’ve echoed in Act 1 of ‘Big Date, Bigger Blemish.’ You can stop the theatrics. MenScience introduces an incredible new on-the-go acne spot prevention formula for a clear complexion and worry-free date plans...

We're Fighting Global Warming with Facial Cooling
With car companies announcing environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, grocery stores ditching plastic bags and public officials garnering public appeal with 'Green Schools' and regional recycling competitions, Earth Day contributions are certainly making news...

The Cutting Edge of Shaving
We’ve all seen blood speckled toilet paper clinging precariously to the face of a shaven man as he rushes past us and perhaps, embarrassingly, one or two of us have unwittingly sported these unsightly adornments ourselves...

MenScience Turns Up the Heat On Men’s Weight Loss
For thousands of years, men have used the benefits of Green Tea to improve many elements of their health and well-being, and the effects of Green Tea have been studied in the treatment of everything from heart disease to cancer to skin care...

Out of the Shade and Into the Fire
MenScience Promotes Better Skin Health for Men with Information and Products During Skin Cancer Awareness Month...

MenScience Captures Win at Men’s Health 2007 Grooming Awards
From hundreds of men’s skincare and grooming products, Men’s Health Magazine has chosen the MenScience Microfine Face Scrub as Best Face Scrub of the Year in the 2007 Grooming Awards...

MenScience Tackles Men’s Heart Health with the Omega 3 Supplement Formula
Heart problems affect more than 715,000 men a year in the United States alone, and the number continues to grow. While regular exercise and a healthy diet have always been prescribed to combat this condition, new research has revealed new nutritional components that can also reduce cardiovascular problems...

MenScience Proposes a Different Take on Gift-Giving this Father’s Day
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 102 million Father’s Day cards were exchanged in 2006 to a combined total of 28.7 million fathers across the country...

New Research on CLA Points to Greater Weight Management and Lean Muscle Growth for Men
In a study by the American Heart Association, 136.5 million Americans over the age of 20 were shown to be overweight or obese, with men making up 69.6 million of that number...

New Scientific Research Reveals Depths of Antioxidant Benefits for Scuba Divers
In a new study released by the Journal of Physiology, antioxidant Vitamins E and C appear to help diminish cardiovascular problems resulting from scuba dives. By administering Vitamins E and C to divers before a dive...

MenScience Introduces Advanced Antioxidants: The First in a New Series of Supplements Formulated for Men
MenScience announces the expansion of its line to encompass well-being from the inside out with a new series of advanced nutritional supplements...

New TSA-Compliant MenScience Travel Kit Allows Men to Travel in Comfort and Style, Without Security Hassles
Just in time for stricter air travel regulations, MenScience Androceuticals announces the introduction of their Travel Kit, the most complete and only cosmeceutical-grade travel set 100% compliant with new Transportation Security Administration regulations...

MenScience Microfine Face Scrub Packs Twice the Punch with 5% Glycolic Acid and Physical Exfoliating Particles
MenScience Androceuticals introduces the Microfine Face Scrub, the only scrub that contains a combination of biological and physical exfoliating ingredients to clear away debris and promote a smoother face...

From Triathletes to Weekend Warriors, Sun Protection is Key to Maintaining Top Performance
Many men who follow an athletic lifestyle often have to deal with sun protection products that run when they sweat, feel greasy and offer inadequate coverage with long-term exposure to the sun...

To Repair & Protect: Seasonal Care for All Men’s Hair
Changing seasons can pose different problems for men’s hair. Summer months bring long exposure to intense sunlight and chlorinated and salt water, which drastically damages and dries out hair follicles, thereby triggering increased oil production of the scalp to compensate for lack of moisture...

The Fountain Of Youth? MenScience Unveils a New Dermatological Anti-Aging Formula
For years, the scientific and medical communities have attempted to understand the mechanics of how and why skin ages. Through recent dermatological advances which focus on how certain substances affect skin’s molecular and cellular levels, an entirely new generation of active ingredients has been discovered...

MenScience Finds Sweet Smell of Success in Sweaty Underarms
Along with all the perks of summer (beaches, barbecues and bikinis), comes the bad—sunburn, vacation traffic and, of course, a massive increase in body odor...

MenScience Androceuticals has developed the most advanced skincare products and nutritional supplements for men by incorporating pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and high concentrations of active substances into professional-grade formulas. These ingredients are recommended by doctors, skincare professionals, and nutritionists to achieve optimal health and visible results. It is our goal to revolutionize skin care and nutritional support for men with innovative products that offer the highest level of performance and quality.

MenScience originated in 2002 as a result of multiple scientific studies conducted to develop effective skin care formulations for high-performance athletes. While originally focused on men’s shaving and cleansing items, the MenScience line has grown over the years to include anti-aging, problem skin, body and hair products and nutritional supplements. Each MenScience product fulfills a specific aspect of men’s skincare, grooming and nutritional needs, and reinforces the MenScience philosophy, “Be Healthy, Look Great.”

The word “Androceuticals” refers to a category of advanced skincare and nutritional supplements scientifically formulated for men with active ingredients used by doctors for their demonstrated impact on the skin’s appearance and overall body health. It is formed by merging the prefix “Andro” (men) with the word “pharmaceutical.”

MenScience is regularly featured in professional trade and consumer magazines in the United States and throughout the world, and has won several national awards for product excellence. The full line is available at or by calling 1-800-608-MENS. MenScience products can also be found at Barneys NY, Nordstrom and premium retailers, spas and dermatologists’ offices throughout the U.S. and worldwide.











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