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Fight Your Bulge with Brains

Calculating your BMI Could be the First Step Towards an Ideal Weight                          Printable Version

THERE ARE many ways to assess whether you are overweight or not, from scientific tests to bathroom scales to how you’re feeling day to day. While it has already met its fair share of criticism, the BMI formula is one of the newest tools to discovering if you are at your ideal weight. BMI stands for “Body Mass Index” and was created to take into account both weight and height to give an approximation of how much body fat you currently have.

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With excessive body fat and obesity recognized as serious problems across the United States, measuring body fat is an important tool when considering a man’s health and fitness goals. And while the BMI shouldn’t be used as the final decision when it comes to figuring out what type of fitness regime you should follow, many doctors agree that it does give a good initial indication of whether your body fat is under control, or whether you need to re-evaluate your diet and exercise.

The BMI formula is not without its faults, though. Because it doesn’t take into account bone or muscle mass, it may not represent a reasonable estimate for very muscular or big-boned men, or older men who may be classified as underweight due to low muscle mass. After all, according to BMI standards, the following celebrities are considered overweight: Tom Cruise (BMI 26), George Clooney (BMI 29), Mark McGuire (BMI 30) and President George W. Bush (BMI 26). And surprisingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger (BMI 33), Sylvester Stallone (BMI 34) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (BMI 33) are all considered obese! For men with a great deal of muscle mass, it’s best to consult a doctor about their ideal weight, instead of solely relying on BMI calculations.


Enter your height in feet (e.g. 5.8)

Enter your weight in pounds

Your Body Mass Index is

Ideal Weight

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