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Demystifying Deodorants –What You Previously Didn’t Know

The human body is truly a miracle. One of its features is its amazing cooling and heating system: the simple reason that humans sweat. We tend to sweat when exposed to heat, perform intense activity or undergo stress. Although females have a higher number of sweat glands, male sweat glands are capable of producing more sweat. The dampness from sweat isn't the actual cause of body odor. Instead, bacteria present on the body breaks sweat down and creates the stench.

That's where deodorant makes an entry. Deodorant usually contains an antibacterial ingredient and some fragrance which helps fight smell-producing bacteria and the odor itself. Unfortunately, while you're just looking for a solution to smell fresh all day long, some deodorants can cause active harm. Since we have your best interests at heart, we've decided to give you the scoop on deodorants and what can go wrong with them.

Can Deodorants Be Harmful?
Antiperspirants allegedly can cut down the wetness of sweat. Most deodorants that claim to be antiperspirants contain aluminum. Aluminum works by being absorbed into the skin and effectively prevents your sweat glands from releasing sweat. This way, you prevent your body from performing a function that is purely natural and even beneficial. In theory, by blocking your lymph nodes, you can promote toxin build up, which in the long run can cause cancer. Moreover, there are a number of other chemicals found in a majority of deodorants, including but not limited to zirconium, formaldehyde and parabens. These are things you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, let alone make a priority to fervently apply these on your delicate skin every day to fight foul odors.

Other Issues of Deodorants
While deodorants can help mask a guy's natural scent, there are always a couple of noticeable problems with its use:

Ineffectiveness: In a number of cases, the use of a particular deodorant is like not using it at all. They feel very sticky or have a waxy feel when applied. These products are ineffective and have no staying power. Forget the promised 24+ hours of protection, you can't even get by 6 hours!

Staining: Deodorant and antiperspirant may build up on your clothing over time. An obvious yellow, brown or chalky stain appears on your light or dark clothes. The fabric often loses strength on account of the alkalinity of your sweat. Some guys even get salt rings on clothes in the arm pit area and the garment will stiffen.

Scents: You may on many occasions notice a chemical-like fragrance wafting from your deodorant. If they assert a 'natural' fragrance, the smell is still overpowering and very distracting. Scents are extremely unfavorable for sensitive skin.

Irritation: Certain deodorants are formulated with ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. You may experience burning, itching and rashes from use over time.

The Solution
While we don't recommend that you stop using deodorant all together, we hope you’re careful in your selection. It’s best to consider a fragrance-free formula which doesn’t contain aluminum or any other irritants. There are constant advancements through scientific research for grooming products. For instance, unique microzeolite minerals have been discovered that help eliminate and prevent odors. Hunt down a formula that has been tested and proven to deliver good results. There’s no reason you can’t find the perfect deodorant that helps you stay fresh, odor-free and feeling great all day long.