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Customer Testimonials

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At MenScience we want to stay close to our customers and we appreciate your feedback and comments.



This is what some of our customers say about our men's skin care products and supplements:

"You guys are great to work with. You should give lessons to other companies on what Customer Service means, starting with Bank of America."
- Bart, Dallas, TX.

"Wow, your products are fantastic. Thankyou for making great products for men, other companies make token products for their men's line, but Menscience take this niche very seriously with quality products. One product in particular I am very impressed with is your deodorant. I think this is the Holy Grail of deodorants! It is a strange sensation to feel like you have nothing on under your arms but not smell like BO. Your Deodorant is light, non smelling, non toxic, compliments mens physiology (allows your pits to breath) and it WORKS - thankyou for this product. I have one request though. I would like to see a shampoo and conditioner that includes a hair loss component to it. Otherwise keep up the great work."
- Daniel, Brisbane, Australia.

"You are one classy company!"
- Andrew, Universal City, CA.

"I am writing to you after having used your products for the very first time a few weeks ago and to let you know how impressed I am with the Menscience range. I have been using other similar products for a few years now, but at the beginning of July, I purchased Menscience and I must say I have so far been very impressed, especially with the Microfine Face Scrub, the Advanced Face Lotion and your Anti-Ageing Formula.

In an age when so many products don't live up to their advertising claims, your product does everything you say it does and fulfils everything I need. I am one satisfied customer, and will continue to be for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thanks for the excellent products."
- Steven, U.K.

"I really love your products."
- Michael, CA

"I ordered some samples and have been using them this week. I don't know the science behind why your products work but boy do they work. I have drier skin but also have large pores on my nose. Somehow, your products tackle both problems. My skin feels moisturized but not shiny or greasy and the pores on my nose are becomming less clogged and smaller. Also, your products are very concentrated and I find I do not use or need to use nearly as much product as other brands out there. Very impressed thus far and I will likely be placing a order in the next day or so. Thanks so much for your advice and service."
- Craig, IN

"I bought the face scrub in my recent order, which is very, very good, and your acne spot repair is fantastic."
- Tim, DC

"I am a soldier on deployment in Iraq... I tried your shaving formula first, along with the face wash. I was amazed… That was enough to get me hooked. I personally have never had a shaving cream that could make a difference in one day. I placed an order for some items yesterday and just wanted to thank you. Having folliculitis barbae/ingrown hairs causes many problems due to the fact that us soldiers have to shave daily. My only regret is not having come across your company sooner. I plan on telling quite a few people about your products, those who have the same problems as I do, and even those who don't."
- Brandon, Iraq

"The customer service is wonderful. I ordered the wrong product offline, and I was immediately accommodated. I started to use the the face wash 5 months ago and I've seen an improvement in my skin."
- J. Washington, DC

"Your customer service is as wonderful as your product. I am telling my coworkers and friends about MenScience and the high level of satisfaction I have received."
- M. Ellsworth, AZ

"I love the products and I am sure my brother will as well!"
- Maria, FL

"I must say your products are excellent. My skin feels softer and healthier.It has a brighter look that i had never seen before."
- Jose, AZ

"I've tried menscience before w/excellent results. I've stopped using it and tried other cheaper products but always return to menscience, their products are the best."
- J. Avilez, AZ

"I think your products are fantastic and keep up the good work."
- Imram, NY

"Your acne treatment and repair lotions are the most effective I have ever used (and I have used many)."
- Jonathan, CA

"Wow! that is excellent customer service! thank you for your immediate attention and I do appreciate that you've done much more than most companies would do with regards to this situation.

I have purchased other products from your company and I am happy to say, with much success.

Once again, thank you for such a fair and quick response it will be a pleasure doing business with you in the future!"
- CZ, PA

"MenScience, You guys have amazing products. Currently, I only use your deodorant, but I plan on purchasing more of your products. Keep me posted! Thanks."
- Ed, FL

"I am a longtime customer of your advanced shave formula. I have skin extremely prone to breakouts and in 15 years I have not found a better one."
- David, CA

"Hi All,

Have only begun using your products recently after many years of using another line but am now a total convert!"
- Karl, UK

"Seldom in my life have I ever felt compelled to write companies and corporations expressing my admiration for their products or services, but this is most certainly a different scenario.
I have been plagued by shaving irritation in one form or another. I have spent a small fortune and considerable effort in pursuit of ?the perfect shave.? I have tried everything from drugstore brands to high-end prestige products available only in boutiques.

I recently discovered your products and decided to give them a shot. I bought the Microfine Face Scrub and Post-Shave Repair.

I have experienced absolutely no new irritation and the previous damage is fading day-by-day.

I can honestly say without a doubt that your products do exactly as advertised.

You have earned yourself not only a repeat customer, but one that is gladly going to recommend your products to others."
- J. Bridgen, Ontario

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love Menscience products. I've tried just about everything out there and every time I do, I come back to Menscience. The shave cream is out of this world - when I rinse it off my face it feels like I've just used a cleanser on my face and it just feels CLEAN. Incredible product.

The face wash and scrub are the other two products I use the most right now. I've never been able to say this about any other product, but when I use your face wash every day, I can see a VISIBLE difference in my skin. It's amazing how well it works ..."
- D. Rubenstein

Thank you MenScience for the prompt response to my concerns. It?s rare to find customer service actually doing true, quality customer service. I truly do appreciate it very much."
- Z. Porter

"I really believe in your products! They have greatly helped my skin, (and my love life)!

I have tried everything to rid myself of cystic acne and ingrown hairs, The Art of Shaving, Anthony for Men, American Crew, Clarin for Men, etc. but nothing has helped except MenScience and a splash of Tend Skin after I shave and sprits with MenScience. My skin is visibly more healthy and feels soft and young... your face products are keeping me looking years younger than I am. I have been a customer for about a year and a half, and I plan on staying one."
- E. R. Haire, Winston-Flaen, NC

"It was about time that someone came up with a line of real products specifically for men. Your website is informative and full of practical advice. It's a great complement to your products."
- Jason V., Minneapolis

"Your products are excellent. I really like the Post-Shave and the Daily Face Wash. My face never looked better and no more razor burn."
- Anthony, NJ

"I used to shower with bar soap until I tried your face and body wash. Wow, high-tech for your skin! Nothing has left my skin so clean and smooth."
- Chris, Miami

"Guys- I just wanted to send a letter of thanks for the products and samples I ave recently received with my first order. I have tried the Shave cream and will definitely be purchasing this in the future. Once again thanks for great products and great customer service, It really goes a long way with me."
- Craig, TX

"My skin is very sensitive, and I can tell the difference between products that are really designed for sensitive skin. I am very satisfied with your line, specially your face moisturizing lotion and your post-shave treatment."
- Dr. M. Devo M.D. Boston, MA

"It took some time for me to change from my traditional shaving cream provider but your Advanced Shave Formula makes me wish I had acted sooner. My face feels much smoother than any time before. It is great!"
- Paul T. London, UK

"I'm a 26-year-old law student who has been experimenting with high-end grooming products for a few years now. I am very impressed with every MenScience product I have tried to far!"
- Michael, Boston MA

"I just dropped by to tell you that you make great stuff, as you probably already know ;)... I ordered some of your products...and I am glad I did, they're the best I've ever used...the only problem is that now I have to order the rest of your line...! Keep up the good work..."
- Jani

"I have tried many shaving products over the years, and MenScience's Shave Formula is hands down the best I have found. It leaves my face soft, smooth and delivers a very close shave, plus it's transparent, so I can see where I'm shaving. Your Microfine Scrub and Daily Face Wash are also excellent."
- Roger, Pasadena CA

"I took the TiO2 sunscreen with me to Hawaii in November and used it every day. This could very well be my favorite sunscreen, and I have used just about every one out there!"
- Daniel, NY

"I think your shaving gel and Advanced Face Lotion are great. Using the two products has eliminated my facial blemishes caused by shaving and the environment. The Advanced Face Lotion has kept my face from cracking during cold and dry Minnesota winters, without feeling like I?m buttering up. I appreciate the light and fragrance free nature of your products as to not call attention to the fact I?m using them."
- Aaron, FL

"I have used your full line of hair and skin products for over 1 year now, and I have found them to be far superior to all others in terms of quality and performance. They are ideal for men whose appearance and skin condition are important considerations. Menscience products have become an integral part of my overall grooming, and I highly recommend these products."
- Steve, Manfield TX