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Antioxidants Rise to New Depths Amongst Scuba Divers

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MIAMI, FLORIDA – In a new study released by the Journal of Physiology, antioxidant Vitamins E and C appear to help diminish cardiovascular problems resulting from scuba dives. By administering Vitamins E and C to divers before a dive, a team of researchers from the University of Split School of Medicine (Croatia) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) observed that the antioxidants had a positive effect on the divers’ endothelial function when they engaged in a moderate scuba dive of 30 meters for half an hour.

In addition to this new benefit for professional and recreational scuba divers, antioxidants have also been praised in numerous clinical studies and referenced in such publications as The New England Journal of Medicine for their protective capabilities against free radical damage. This damage can often lead to problems associated with aging, such as heart disease, skin cell deterioration and cellular collapse. By binding to free radicals, antioxidants can neutralize them before they cause damage to surrounding cells. This is the first study to be released that connects antioxidant benefits to the area of scuba diving.

To support research results regarding antioxidant protection, MenScience offers Advanced Antioxidants Daily Supplement. While the product provides Vitamins C and E, it also contains a highly-effective combination of both newly-developed substances such as Astaxanthin, Pycnogenol, Tocotrienol and Zeaxanthin, and more active forms of traditional, time-tested components such as Lutein and Lycopene. These ingredients work together to strengthen protection against free-radical damage, as well as support cellular repair.

While the benefits of antioxidants are still being researched and tested, this new study focusing on improved health for divers could have a tangible impact on the diving community throughout the world.

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