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Acne Treatment Product Reviews

Acne sufferers have chosen MenScience Acne Treatment Products to help cure their skin—and lives. Read some of our customers' statements and find out how our prescription-grade acne products have helped them cure their acne.

Success Stories...

"finally, i found peace of mind when it comes to skin care!"

- Puffy, CA

"I used to have clear skin then stress caught up with me and I been breaking out ever since. So then I went and found the MenScience Acne Treatment System, it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry, it works fast, and best of all it improves your skin. I am amazed and stratified with this product. Glad I found it."

- Irineo, CA

"I use this product everyday, all my friends and co-workers compliment the new look of my skin. It gets better and better everyday. I've found my fountain of youth!"

- Boriqua, NY

"I thought I was using the best until I tried this product. Doesn't dry your skin out or leave dry patches like other products. I couldn't get over how quickly I saw results. At 48 I get the occasional breakout and this will now be my "go to" product! Thank you MenScience!"

- Steve, AZ

"Ironically, I have not had the "monster zit" since I bought this product, but it does seem to to the job adequately on my lesser pimples. The fact that I have not broken out is probably a testament to the other excellent menscince products that I use daily on my face."

- JP, OH

"I get frequent large whitehead and this product really gets rid ob them super-fast. It is not cheap, but I have gotten excellent results that I have not gotten with any other product. I apply it 3-4 times per day on a new whitehead and usually i do not need more than those applications for it to dissappear. It absorbs well, but because of the acne medicine make sure you do not get it on your clothes as it can fade these."

- Charlie, MA

"I have normal skin but I tend to breakout regularly at least twice a month. I have been using this product for 4 months and it is the most effective acne treatment I have found to control my acne. Not only have are acne breakouts almost gone, but my skin looks much smoother and the acne marks are disappearing. I use this cream almost daily (I also use the face scrub to cleanse my face and the menscinece face tonic) and I would recommend it as a standard acne prevention measure."

- Cycle Man, GA

"I tried this product my husband bought for his own skincare needs, and I noticed a difference in my skin the very next day. This product is easy to use, does not dry out your skin, and works!!!!"

- Olivia, CA

"With sensitive skin that burns easily, I have tried many different skin cleansers before settling on MenScience Daily Face Wash. I've been a convert and evangelist for the product for two years and scoff at other products' claims suggesting that they might be competitive. They simply aren't. As a well-known actor once said about his equally accomplished wife, "Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?"

- Tomin, MA

"I was looking for a great face wash. I was soooo tired of buying products and using them for the first time and they worked, but after long term usage just wasnt practical with the typical top name brands. They would eventually dry my face making it tight and sometimes ashy. But i dont have to worry about it with this Cleanser. it not only works the first time but application after application! you dont need alot. every time i lather it in my hands and apply it, its like the first time, every time i use it. Overall its alot of punch for a little price....revitalizes my face and not to mention your not left with that strong odor. I would recommend the face lotion as well. Its a great combination between the two."

- Chris, KY

Acne Product Testimonials