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Acne Breakouts Can Be Triggered by Stress

Learn How Men’s Stress Affects Acne Breakouts and the Best Treatment for Acne Caused by Stress
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YOU'VE GOT A BIG MEETING IN 2 DAYS. You’ve worked on your presentation for over a month and it’s your one shot for the big deal. But what’s this? An acne breakout? Pimples? A sprinkling of whiteheads? What’s going on? You eat right, wash your face regularly with men’s skincare products and use acne treatment products. How could this happen to you? You need to have an acne free, polished and professional appearance to work your magic!

Strange as it may sound, your stress level might be aggravating the acne breakout. Once considered pure fiction, medical research has just begun affirming that the connection between stress and men’s acne is a fact.

According to a 2007 study reported on WebMD, teens undergoing high stress levels (think exam time), were 23% more likely to have an acne breakout than in non-stressful times. German researchers at the Free University in Berlin reaffirmed this in a study on adults, finding that subjects suffering from stressful conditions had more acne breakouts than those who didn’t.

A new field of research has been created to explore the relationship between the brain and skin conditions. It’s called Psychodermatology. Studying the impact of mental stress on the skin, these researchers consider a wide array of skin disorders, including eczema, hives, hair loss, rosacea, psoriasis - and of course, acne breakouts.

What is the connection? Scientists are still debating whether stress officially causes acne blemish breakouts, or simply aggravates existing acne by provoking breakouts. One reason acne may be caused in a stressful situation is the domino effect of the body’s ‘fight or flight’ reaction. It causes the body to up its manufacturing of male hormones, resulting in a greater production of sebum (the oily substance that lubricates skin). Increased sebum production means oily skin – and oily skin means clogged pores and acne breakouts. If you think this mind-body connection is all bunk, what about stress-induced migraines and ulcers? Suddenly the concept of ‘acne born of stress’ isn’t so farfetched after all.

Stress also hinders the healing process of men’s skin. Over time, stress has been shown to weaken the immune system, causing men’s skin to take significantly more time to repair acne stressed skin. Frequent bouts of acne can also lead to low self-esteem and a stressed-out mentality, furthering the vicious cycle of stress and acne.

Even if you don’t suffer from stress-related acne, stress can still do a number on your appearance. When you’re stressed, you sleep less. Lack of sleep dehydrates skin, preventing men’s skin cells from replenishing themselves. In addition to a fatigued appearance, men’s skin will sag and dark under-eye circles will appear.

If you’re like most busy, stressed out men, you don’t always have the time to prepare helpful meals and aren’t getting enough antioxidants in your diet. Antioxidants are known for their ability to improve overall skin quality, so taking the Advanced Antioxidants nutritional supplement may help contribute to acne stressed skin repair and the prevention of acne outbreaks. Stress also wreaks havoc on a man’s diet by increasing appetite levels, especially cravings for high fat, carbohydrate rich ‘comfort foods’ that are lacking in adequate nutrients and vitamins. Besides making you sluggish, comfort foods will make you pack on the pounds, an added source of stress. If you’ve been eating too many fattening foods, take the Advanced CLA Supplement Formula to boost your metabolism and transform your extra fat into energy.

Whether stress causes acne, or acne causes stress, it’s important for men to address both the physical and mental aspects of stress related acne. Treat acne- prone skin with a clinically developed, pharmaceutical-grade acne treatment like the MenScience Acne Treatment System to lastingly eliminate acne. Using the gentle Daily Face Wash cleanser, the acne-fighting, clarifying Advanced Face Tonic and medicated Acne Therapy Lotion can dramatically reduce men’s acne breakouts– with or without stress. Following a good regimen, getting adequate rest and engaging in moderate exercise will help you to face the head honchos with ease - without looking like you’re a pubescent, acne faced teenager who can’t handle stress.

Copyright © MenScience Androceuticals 2008.

ABSTRACT: MenScience explores the connection between stress and men’s acne breakouts while explaining the effective use of men’s grooming, men’s skincare and men’s nutritional products (including acne treatment products), and their ability to dramatically reduce and treat men’s acne.
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