Buff Body Gloves

Buff Body Gloves

Exfoliating Body Cleansing Bath Gloves for Men
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Innovative micromesh gloves remove impurities and buildup from pores and exfoliate skin. Ideal to combat back-acne. Use with Daily Body Wash to leave skin clean, smooth and renewed.


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A different experience, but they work well.
By from  Chicago, IL on 8/12/2012
The first couple of times I had to get used to them. It's a different experience than rubbing a bar of soap on your body. But you do feel cleaner because they are just rough enough to get the dead skin off. Now I miss them if I don't pack them on trips. Definitely use a bit of finesse around your private parts though. ;)
a little rough...but good enough
By from  Troy NY on 7/13/2012
Gloves are a little course for my taste. I imagine (and hope) they will soften up a little with use. Have been using them every other shower to let my sensitive skin recover a bit. They do everything as advertised and I am generally pleased with the exfloliating results.
Cut my shower in half
By from El Paso, TX on 5/8/2012
Cut my shower in half best product i have used.
Pleasantly Surprised
By from Washington, DC on 2/28/2012
I was really skeptical, but these gloves have in a short time made my skin smoother and have helped prevent ingrown hairs. I use about once a week.
Finally something with a color for a Man in mind, please no pink
By from  VA on 12/20/2011
I dont really use them daily but when I do my skin is so soft and does not have much of a dry feeling.
By from Manhattan, NY on 8/23/2011
They are decent at best. I used these gloves about once a week in the shower and couldn't really see any significant changes. However, after my shower I did feel slightly cleaner/fresher, which is nice. I think if the gloves were thicker and really buffed out the body, I'd give it a higher rating, but that's what happens when you order things online.
Excellent idea!!
By from  Ft worth, TX on 8/21/2011
I have been using these gloves for over a week now and have noticed a tremendous difference. All of my back acne is finally going away and shows no signs of coming back. I use them along with the body wash and am seeing the best results yet.
Buff Body Gloves
By from San Jose, CA on 6/21/2011
Added these to my order as filler so I could get free shipping. They are definitely for men because they are rough, they do a good job cleaning but they do not hold much lather. Still, they are better than using a loofa. =)
Love it
By from  Michigan on 6/9/2011
They actually work.. My skin is looking good!
By from minneapolis on 4/26/2011
loved these, so much stronger than the ones sold at other stores. Works great for my keratosis Pilaris.
Exfoliant without the mess
By from   on 2/3/2011
 I generally use an exfoliant scrub every other day in the shower. As my skin tends to be dry. Since using the gloves, the dead cells are gone and my skin is a lot smoother. Easy to use and gloves seem to be wearing great.
Great Gloves
By from Houston, Tx  on 1/27/2011
 Great Gloves! It works!
Get's the job done!
By from  Zurich, Switzerland on 1/13/2011
I've only used about 5 times so far, but leaves me feeling clean and exfoliated. I recommend using at night because it roughs up your skin a bit, so you're good to go by the next morning.
Better than anything else!!
By from Mt. Airy, NC on 1/3/2011
I really love these gloves, i was a rag user, not anymore thanks to menscience, really does an incredible job exfoliating to help you get a deep clean feeling and help clear up trouble spots, i have used these gloves with several different body washes for 3 months now, and i got the best clean results when used with menscience daily body wash. Highly recommended and cuts shower time down for me.
5 thums up
By from  San Diego , CA on 12/8/2010
I just got this product and barelly used it. Saw imediate results , my skin felt as clean as ive ever feelt it. Great product.
Buff Body Gloves are Amazing
By from  Southwest FLA on 11/16/2010
 These go great with the body wash. I really enjoy these gloves alot. very clean
By from  Brownsville,TX on 11/9/2010
The gloves are great iv been using them for two weeks and skin looks better. I have very acne prone skin and bacne and iv been using peter thomas roth blemish buffing beads body wash with the gloves and I now dont break out on my back that much now.
By from  tx on 11/1/2010
works great..
Best bathing gloves!
By from St Paul, MN on 3/2/2010 12:03:00 PM
I use these gloves when taking showers. The first time I used it I felt a little hurt on my skin, but the result was very amazing. I'm getting used to like this feeling of "scrubbing". All I need to do else is only rinse off the body wash, and that's it! It really makes me feel so clean and refreshed, and also shortens the shower time as well. These gloves are durable, and easy to clean. Good value for the price! Highly recommend it.
MS Buff Gloves & Body Wash For The Win!
By from Portage, WI on 2/26/2010 5:02:00 PM
The Mens Science Buff Gloves and Daily Body Wash Combo really and truly does work. I work out in the gym a lot and becuase of this I've had bad acne on my back, shoulder and arms area for the last few years, I've been using this combo for just over the last couple weeks and my skin is so much clearer and cleaner. Nothing else has worked this product is amazing!
careful if you have cystic acne
By from Arizona on 10/25/2009 8:10:00 PM
Made my skin feel GREAT! It clears away blackheads within the first use. Be careful if you have cystic acne and are interested in this, as it caused my cysts to breakout with daily (or even every other day use). Normal acne I would guess this would be great for.
Good Product
By from Spokane, WA on 10/6/2009 2:10:00 PM
I use this product just by slipping on the gloves and then pumping the body wash into them, then rub in circular motion over my body. Things that are great about this product is that it makes your skin feel really smooth and clean.I have never felt so smooth before I used this product, and it was instant after use. Things that are not so great about this product is that at first it does feel a little rough, but after a couple days you get used to it. Didnt help prevent bacne at all, still get a lot.
Speeds up my shower time!
By from Los Angeles, CA on 7/29/2009 2:07:00 PM
I love using these gloves. Feels weird the first 1-2 times using it but your body gets use to it quickly. Just make sure you soak it in water soon or you'll be scratching your skin if its too dry. Highly recommend using this with the Menscience Body Face. I don't think the body wash would be as effective without this. This really speeds up my showering time and help exfoliate the skin quickly. The good thing about this is that it feels manly using it to shower instead of those girly shower scrubs. Only downside, is that after 3-4 uses I notice some threads are coming loose on the inside (end up cutting up those loose threads with a scissor). So I'm a little concern with it's lifespan if used daily.
Great Exfoliator
By from San Francisco, CA on 5/18/2009 7:05:00 PM
I bought these for my boyfriend 3 years ago since he was tired of using soap bars and did not want to use a loofah (too fem for him). Great decision because he LOVES these gloves. He used to have moderate bacne and some chest acne, but after about a year or so of using the gloves, they finally went away. Yes they are harsh at first, but your body should get used to them within a week. But as any other exfoliating gloves, these don't lather regular body wash very well. The bf still continues to use the same pair because there's nothing wrong with them, the exfoliation effect hasn't diminished in any way.
By from Wisconsin on 5/18/2009 12:05:00 PM
These gloves seem to be an effecive way to exfoliate my entire body. They seemed harsh at first on some areas of my body but I have adjusted to know what parts of my body I can use the gloves and which parts of my body to keep the gloves away. They seemed awkward the first few times I used them because I was used to using a mit in the shower. These gloves seem effecive but to be honest I do not think I would buy them again if I would need to replace them.
Are these shark proof?
By from Charlotte, NC on 4/13/2009 8:04:00 PM
I always hate getting those girly looking poof balls to use as a way to scrub down in the shower. When I ordered these gloves I was pessimistic but when I got them and put them on, it made me feel like I was about to jump in a cage to film some sharks. These are not your girl friend's frilly accessories.
Body Buff Gloves
By from Atlanta on 1/26/2009 8:01:00 AM
Like others have said, I can't believe no one has thought of this before! These gloves are great! You do need to be careful around the "sensitive" areas though as they can be a little rough on certain body parts.
The Best!
By from San Francisco on 12/16/2008 1:12:00 PM
The best treatment for Bacne, by far!
I thoroughly recommend these body gloves
By from Manhattan, NY on 11/5/2008 7:11:00 PM
I use these gloves daily & find them to be ultra convenient - I'm very satisfied.
dead skin cells are a thing of the past
By from Downingtown, PA on 11/4/2008 6:11:00 PM
This is the perfect daily exfoliator. It takes but just a few seconds to put on/remove these gloves, thus the time spent in the shower is only slighlty longer. They're a bit rough on the skin, but that's just an association of "deep cleansing". I've had my pair for a few weeks now and durability wise, they are maintaining well.
Excellent Product
By from Benton, IL on 11/4/2008 5:11:00 PM
Overall this is an excellent product. I use it with regular body scrubs because generally when I like something I don't switch to something else, so I don't plan on getting any other body scrubbing tool for lack of a better word. The instructions are pretty clear, get the lather on your skin then use the gloves. Just run it under water to get the lather out, shake out most of the water and then hang them up or lay them out to dry.
By from Redlands CA on 8/13/2008 4:08:00 PM
These gloves are MAGIC! You want the best, smoothest skin you've ever had? These are what you should buy! And Best think is they're not too expensive for what you get. Your partner will thank you for it, I know mine did!
These gloves fit!
By from Lincoln, CA on 8/4/2008 11:08:00 AM
These gloves are something that I would have never thought of, but have been looking for for a very long time. It's genius! Whoever thought of this was really thinking simply but got it right. Using these gloves solves the problem of reaching hard to reach parts of the back; just use your fingertips, bank of your hand, wrist, etc. Even rinsing it off is quick and easy. Only thing to worry about is how to let it dry(hang it for best results). Other than that, its great!
Work great
By from Honolulu, HI on 7/30/2008 7:07:00 PM
This is the second set of body glove exfoliators I have purchased and this set works and feels better. Also used other exfoliating products and this one is by far the best.
Absoulutely magnificent!
By from Portland, OR on 7/22/2008 9:07:00 AM
I love this product! It does miracles for my skin; I have been told I have soft and clean skin since I started using this!
I'm loving the Body Glove.
By from Austin, TX on 7/21/2008 2:07:00 PM
The Body Glove gives your body a clean you can feel. It is not harsh on the skin. Very effective and easy to use.
More benefits than just better skin!!
By from Louisville, KY on 7/9/2008 5:07:00 AM
WOW! What a plus! These gloves are great to use. Invigorating, cleansing, and more manly than those fluffy things my wife gets me. And the plus, she loves me washing her back with the body gloves! I expect I'll have to get her a pair next!!
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• Sloughs off dull buildup and dead cells, leaving skin smooth, soft, and renewed

• Deep cleansing removes impurities and clears pores, allowing your whole body to feel extra clean and invigorated

• Immediately results in healthy-looking skin and balanced skin tone
How to Use :
Wet body and gloves with lukewarm water.

Add a small amount of cleanser to gloves and lather up.

Gently massage with circular motions over entire body.
Rinse body and gloves well.
Dry gloves in a ventilated area.
Additional Tips :

• Use Body Buff Gloves in combination with Daily Body Wash: its biological exfoliants (Glycolic and Salicylic Acids) will help loosen dead skin cells and organic debris, making them easier to remove with the gloves.

• Regular exfoliation of your entire body will significantly improve your overall skin’s appearance and tone, allowing it to look smoother, younger and renewed.

How much Daily Body Wash should I use?

irst apply 2-3 pumps to the Body Buff Gloves and lather up. Then apply 2-3 pumps on your skin to start cleansing.

How can I control pimples on my back and neck (also known as “bacne”)?
ombining Daily Body Wash and Body Buff Gloves will definitively help keep your pores and follicles clear, prevent clogging, blemishes and breakouts.

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