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MenScience & Mother Earth

All April orders over $50.00 that included this month’s special promotional code will include a special, limited edition MenScience Earth Day Reusable Carrier Bag - FREE! If you email us a photo of yourself using the bag, we’ll post your picture on, too!

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What does ‘making a smaller impression for a bigger impact’ mean?
It means that MenScience Androceuticals professional-grade product line positively impacts more than your health and skin – it means we take seriously our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. It means that we believe our collective contributions to the environment today will hugely impact the world of tomorrow. Carbon Footprint

Federico Sanchez, President of MenScience Androceuticals affirms, 'We at MenScience recognize our personal and corporate responsibility to the environment and are thus dedicated to doing all we can to protect and conserve. Wherever possible, we eliminate waste and pollution. From reducing secondary packaging and scrupulously using both sides of all printed materials, to buying wind generated power and offsetting our carbon footprint, we do our utmost to be eco-friendly.'

A Smaller ‘Carbon Footprint’ Impression
One way we reduce the environmental impact of our activities is by reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ (the amount of green house gases produced measured in carbon dioxide units (CO2) during one year). Like a literal footprint, this figurative ‘carbon footprint’ illustrates the by-products of what is left behind after production. The more energy we used, the bigger our carbon footprint.

To reduce emissions, MenScience purchases wind-generated power. While it costs more to purchase ‘clean,’ or environmentally friendly wind-generated power, it helps reduce our carbon footprint.
We also take a comfortable, yet conservative approach to our energy consumption; in addition to buying carbon offsets, we lessen unnecessary air conditioning and lighting use. Further, we make great efforts to decrease and recycle waste. Our products use only natural, eco-friendly ingredients, and they come in recyclable containers that are devoid of superfluous packaging. Wherever possible, we recycle packaging materials and paper.

Of Mice and Men
MenScience’s fragrance and dye-free product line is cruelty-free. This means our products do not contain any animal products, nor is there any animal testing in their production. We do, however, test on our friends. If you’d like to purchase a friend-tested product, click here.

How Can You Help?

  1. Using less water saves electricity and water, so take shorter, more efficient showers (water heatersare about 25% of your energy use).

  2. Fix energy wasting appliances that drip and leak, it adds up to thousands of gallons a year.

  3. Turn lights out when you leave a room.

  4. Close a/c vents in rooms you’re not using.

  5. Switch to high-efficiency, long-lasting fluorescent bulbs.

  6. When you take MenScience supplements with water, drink from reusable bottles.

  7. Shave in the shower – it will not only help you get a close shave – you will save over 2900 gallons of water (4 gallons saved per minute, averaging a 3 minute daily shave for all 52 weeks of year) and 5 pounds of carbon emissions (75 Watts x 1Hour Used Weekly x 52 weeks)/1000 x 1.34 lbs. CO2/kWh = 5 lbs. CO2/year) a year.

For more earth (and money) saving ideas, visit

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Men's skin care products on the Web. Our extensive men's grooming product line blends professional ingredients with visible results and provides shaving and grooming support with sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin and dry skin products. Every aspect of men’s skin care, men's grooming and nutritional diet supplements needs are met with our high-performance skincare items and nutritional and dietary supplements. Come discover our advanced men's skin care products and complete skin care treatments.

MenScience also offers tips to get rid of ingrown hairs, how-to guides on how to get rid of dark circles and bags under eyes valuable advice on many other skin care and grooming topics for men. We encourage customers to send us their feedback and comments through email or phone communication and strive to provide the best customer service available.

We invite you to browse our online men's skin care, men's grooming and nutritional supplement store at Please contact us before, during or after placing your order if you have any questions.

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