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Friday, December 18, 2009

Men of Menscience: U.S Marines 1st Lieutenant Richard Adams

For our "Men of Menscience" series, we would like to take a moment to highlight another notable man that is doing great things and is doing them with style. U.S. Marines 1st Lieutenant Richard Adams is one of the many young individuals that make up this country's heroic military. His sacrifice - and the myriad sacrifices of others - is an exceptional demonstration of determination, dedication and passion.

Adams is a 25 year-old Naval Aviator who is "livin' the dream." With a promising future in the military and a passion for flying, Adams has been interested in all things mechanical from a young age. He loves commanding a vehicle and grew up in an F-15 flight path which culminated in high-school flight lessons. "I was in the cockpit of a private plane before I could drive a car. It was very cool. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do for a career, it was a natural choice to want to fly for the military" he says.

After completing Officer Training in Quantico, VA during college, Adams went through extensive flight instruction and is now in the final stages of intense classroom and hands-on training specific to helicopters. He's prepping to earn his wings in 2010.

Once Adams earns his wings he’ll be flying solo. The purpose of a Marine aviator is to provide support for troops on the ground which is something Adams finds fulfilling. He says “It’s satisfying to contribute and make a difference on the battlefield.”

While on-duty, Adams' day often begins as early as 3:30 am in order to report to work by 4:30 or 5:00 am. With long days that include pre-flight briefings, the flight itself, and then a debriefing, maintaining a workout program can prove difficult. "I run a lot because it’s quick, easy, and effective" Adams says. While working out, Adams concentrates on endurance and strengthening exercises, he adds "Core muscle building and cardio are my focus. I run 3 miles every other day and add in weight training where I can." Being physically fit is not a vanity for the military. In fact, it becomes extremely important when dealing with the grueling conditions of battle.

Like most things, grooming and hygiene are taken very seriously in the military and they must be done efficiently. Personnel are expected to look their best. Marines are expected to shave daily, keep their hair short and maintain a hygiene routine. The strict rules dictating military personnel’s appearances are designed to command respect and uphold the integrity of the uniform.

At times, it's even necessary to shower more than once a day, Adams says "We touch and feel the aircraft…that means you get hydraulic fluid, oil, even jet fuel on your skin. Washing is constant." All those harsh chemicals and all that washing can leave skin dry and irritated making it important to find an effective skincare routine and quality products. A mini-facial using a clay face mask can be a quick and easy way to remove build-up and dirt after a long day of flying. Additionally, for individuals that are constantly assailed by the elements, the use of sunscreen can prevent skin problems.

Adams' pride in his chosen career is evident when he says "The core values of the Marines are summed up in our motto, Semper Fidelis. Literally, it means 'always faithful'. The values of honor, courage, and commitment are something that we live by and I’m proud of that. I'm happy that I get to do something I enjoy while contributing to the greater good of the country."

At Menscience, we're proud that individuals throughout the nation have dedicated themselves to the U.S. military and to the security of this nation and the pursuit of freedom. Their role is indispensable, their risks are great and, as such, we would like to express our utmost gratitude.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ever Wonder How To Follow a Facial Skincare Regimen?

We put together a handy face skin care product application guide to help you follow a simple daily face regimen.

This answers a couple of frequently asked questions such as:
  • How can I combine different facial skin care products?

  • Which ones should I use in the morning or evening?

  • How often should I apply them onto my face?

I hope this Daily Facial Regimen helps if you have any of these questions.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Choosing Men Skin Care Products 101

If you're like most of us men, trying to figure out which skin care products are right for your skin can become a hellish task with so many options in stores today. How do you know what men's skin care products you should get? A lot of men are struggling with this and end up filling their cabinets with a bunch of fancy bottles that won't help take serious care of their skin. Here's a 101 guide to choosing the best men's skin care product for you.

Read the ingredients label

This is the key to choosing the right men skin care products. We normally think that our skin (men's skin) can take anything -- so any product will do. And if they're expensive, than they'll probably work. Let's think again.

Most men's skin care products in the market can actually damage your skin, as a lot of them are formulated with ingredients that irritate, clog and dehydrate your skin. This is very important because if use products that irritate our skin, the natural cell growth will be reduced, giving us an unhealthy complexion. Here is a checklist of these harmful skin ingredients:

- Alcohol: It contributes to dehydration, kills live cells, and alters the skin's delicate biological balance.

- Fatty acids and vegetable oils: Commonly used moisturizing oils clog pores, trap bacteria and prevent the natural shedding of dead cells. Only use oil-free or light moisturizers for all skin types.

- Fragrance and coloring: Fragrances and dyes tend to cause irritation and may produce allergic reactions when absorbed by the skin.

- Botanicals: Not all “natural” ingredients are beneficial. Some commonly used plant extracts, such as menthol, peppermint and citrus oils, are powerful substances that are better kept away from your skin.

What's your skin type?
Most products target several individual skin types: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin and combination skin. However, if you find men's skin care products free of added fragrances or dyes, alcohol, and that are hypoallergenic and nonacnegenic, then you won't really have to worry about your skin type.

Slowly build your skincare regimen
Think about what men skin care products you want to start with, and try them progressively. So, let's say you decide to start off with a gentle facial cleanser and an oil-free moisturizer; find the right ones for you and use them for a couple of weeks before you go and expose your face to full skincare routine. By starting with basic items, you'll always the best results. Once your skin has adapted to the professional skin care ingredients, it'll be ready for more targeted products.

As you build your skincare regimen, consider including a maximum protection sunscreen, as well as wrinkles and anti-aging products. Once again, try new products gradually and give them enough time -- about 2 weeks -- to see actual results.
If you follow these simple guidelines, you are guaranteed to find the right men skin care products for yourself.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Unemployment: The Hottest Trend in 2009

It's very sad. Unemployment. And it's the year's biggest trend -- In some areas rising to 15%. Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida... just pick a state and the unemployment rate reaches new records every month.

Fortunately, this is a market trend, and we know by now this movement is part of a cycle that will only last a period of time. How long? Different analysts and investors will give you different answers. Some will be bullish and others bearish -- In the end, the view will be directly related to how optimistic or pessimistic you are. We like to feel hopeful about things getting better in the near future and have good reasons for it. Having said that, it is during tough economic times like these that we need to work harder on reinforcing our skills, reconnecting with employment opportunities, and looking professionally.

It's All In The Look
You may have the most positive feeling about this bull market, but try to portray this during a job interview without combing your demeanor with your look, and you'll soon find yourself in a bear unemployment fair for a long period of time.

Work on looking and feeling your best every day. It's the etymology of a confident look -- simple grooming, nutrition and exercising can secure you a positive outlook in this hot market trend. Check out these recommendations to stimulate your confidence and look without having to go on an expensive spa retreat this summer:
  • Get some trim. Yes, visit your barber and get your hair trimmed neatly. Make sure you get the hairstyle that's right for you. It'll make huge impact in your image.

  • Remember about your nose and ear hair. Not sure? well, keep them short. They need to LIVE inside your nose and ears. Use tweezers, scissors, electric trimmers, or your grass shears if you need to, just get rid of those wild hairs.

  • Get a close shave. Shave every day -- it'll make you look clean. Sometimes this can dry your skin, but if you follow these shaving recommendations you're guaranteed to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs and get the best shaving results.

  • Moisturize your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated on a daily basis will prevent your skin from looking dull and dry by restoring its suppleness and elasticity, which can also help diminish the appearance of fine lines.

  • Buff away dull buildup. Removing deep-down skin impurities to reveal a smoother, renewed complexion will provide impressive results in your appearance.

  • Keep your nails cured. No. You don't have to get a professional manicure before going to a job interview. But, you should make sure to clean and trim your nails nicely -- and if possible, grooming your cuticules regularly (there's no need to cut them).

  • Disambiguation. Try saying "I'm the best candiate for this position" to an employer with an I don't feel to confortable look and crossed arms. Your body language and postures will not be in harmony with what you're trying to communicate. Always make good eye contact, maintain a relaxed but straight posture when sitting and talking, and have a cordial face. Look good. Be professional. Act confidently. Leave your ego at home.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facial Cleansing Mask is Back

It's time to indulge your face--once again! Facial Cleansing Mask is Back! After it's debut, back in November last year, this green tea clay face mask sold-out within a few weeks 'a la U2 concert tickets' at our site, retail stores and spas across the U.S.

I still haven't been able to figure out exactly what it is that gets our customers immediately addicted to this facial clay mask -- it's powerful!

Just in time for spring face cleaning, this skin detoxifying mask will clean off all those clogged pores and re-balance your skin's moisture leaving it soft and renewed.

If you've been missing out on this incredible face product, then this is the perfect time to experience its magic.

For more details about Facial Cleansing Mask, visit our site. And if you have any questions about how you can get the most from our Green Matcha Tea and Clay mask, give us call.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Get the Men's Hairstyle that's Right for You

Check out some cool men's hairstyles to better your appearance with VERY little maintenance.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preventing Hair Loss

BY AGE 50, MORE THAN 50% of men experience significant hair loss. If you are worried about the number of hairs you’re finding near the drain, you are not alone. And even if you’re not losing your hair, as you age your hair often will become thinner and more delicate. Both men and women can have a genetic predisposition, (called androgenetic alopecia) to hair loss.

Non-genetic reasons also result in hair loss…stress, poor diet, and emotional issues can cause your hair to fall out. Whatever the reason for your loss, here are a few quick changes you can make to protect the hair you have and keep it healthy and strong.

Continue reading...


Monday, June 16, 2008

Jessie's Grandpa Shines the Brightest!

This Father's Day, Jessie nominated her grandfather, Julio, for the Dad that Shines the Brightest Award - and after reading her letter - we at MenScience agree he deserves to win it.

Here's a little of what Jessie said about dear ol' grandad:

" My grandfather, Julio, is honestly the hardest working man I know. At age 80 you would think he would be retired by now, but he is still working hard to support my grandmother and make his children and grandchildren happy. My grandparents have raised ten beautiful children and now have plenty of grandchildren in which they both helped to raise.

Ever since I was a child, I remember going over to my grandparents house with my cousins and family members and doing ...all sorts of [outdoor] activities such as bike riding, playing ball, tennis in the backyard, even pulling weeds for my grandma. The amazing thing about it is how he could make a small bouncy ball into a fun game of basketball, or tennis, football, even soccer. Even at my age, I still enjoy going over to my grandparents house with my little sisters and so do his ten wonderful children... my aunts, uncles, and parents...

My grandfather is such an amazing person, father, and grandfather. He has worked every single day of his life ensuring my grandmother, myself, and my family all the happiness he can give us. He is an extraordinary person and I love him with all of my heart. He most definitely shines bright. He is my grandfather, my best friend, and most of all, my hero."

Besides an official MenScience certificate recognizing him as a stellar father and grandfather, Jessie's grandad Julio will soon receive a fun-in-the-sun Father's Day gift with four dazzling sun care products: the TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30, Advanced Lip Protection, Anti-Aging Formula and Pigmentation Repair Formula.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Men's Nemesis, the Terrible Emesis Attacks!

A severe, highly contagious 'norovirus' is attacking men with severe emesis (vomiting) and diarrhea, according to Men's Health article, 'Attack of the Puking Virus.'

Coined "Norovirus" after a 1960s outbreak in Norwalk, Ohio, this terrible stomach virus may be broadly described as 'a virus that lives in the stomach and causes illnesses like gastroenteritis, food poisoning and stomach flu' within 24 hours of exposure.

The norovirus is easily spread, which is why, according to the Mayo Clinic, 'an estimated 23 million cases of norovirus occur in the United States each year.' Spreading quickly between people via contaminated surfaces, food, and water, it shut down entire hospital wings in New York, and Boston.

Eating healthy and getting adequate sleep can do much to increase immunity to infectious diseases. Men who worry they're not getting enough nutrition may do well to consider taking a supplement like Advanced Antioxidants, which supports the body's antioxidant processes (critical to optimal health). Here are some other tips men can take to avoid infection - and avoid infecting other men:

- Wash your hands throughly, including the backs of your hands and wrists using a soap with anti-bacterial properties, like MenScience's Daily Body Wash. (The Mayo Clinic suggests washing for 15-20 seconds with soap and warm water before closing off the faucet with a disposable towel.)

- Clean contaminated surfaces with a bleach solution immediately, scrubbing on all hard, non-porous surfaces.

- Take care not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth in public.

- Take off work! The virus is at its worst for for the first 1-3 days, but it's still highly contagious for 48 hours after symptoms subside.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Fabulous Fish Fat

OMEGA-3's are called 'essential fatty acids,' essential to men because the body can't manufacture them, so they must be derived from one's diet. Unfortunately, many men aren't getting adequate amounts.
What are they? According to the Mayo Clinic, omega-3 fatty acids comprise numerous polyunsaturated fatty acids, but the a-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acids (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) are the most important.

What do they do? Large population clinical studies have proven that DHA and EPA reduce the risk of death, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms (known as arrhythmia), and stroke - especially amongst persons with a history of cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been found to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and slow artery hardening. Research has also shown that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for depression and anxiety, diabetes, asthma, poor learning and focus in children, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Where do they come from? Where ALA is mostly found in plant and nut oils, such as flaxseed oil, canola oil and walnuts and pumpkin seeds, the most readily available sources of EPA and DHA are cold-water fish like salmon, mackerel, anchovies, halibut, sardines and tuna.

How much is needed? For healthy men with no history of heart disease, the American Heart Association recommends eating a variety of fatty fish at least twice a week and including oils and other ALA rich foods in men's diets where possible. Many foods offer omega-3 supplementation, but the amounts are often negligible and are highly variable. To ensure men are getting adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, doctors highly recommend omega-3 supplementation, especially for those men with high cholesterol.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Salt Seasoning Surplus or Shortness?

In the May issue of Men's Journal, there was an interesting editorial on salt seasoning. Citing a recent study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the article explained that although a reduction in sodium would be good for the vast majority of the population (saving upwards of 150,000 lives a year), salt cutbacks could be a bad thing for a small minority.

A special segment of the population, namely high endurance athletes, may not be getting enough salt. Men training for marathons, going on lengthy bike rides or competing in triathlons are at risk of salt deficiency. Sodium is needed because it keeps athletes hydrated, enabling the body to absorb fluids faster. On average, a marathoner will lose about 700 to 1,600 milligrams of sodium an hour.

To be sure you're getting adequate amounts of sodium in the summer heat, drink a 20 ounce bottle of a sport drink for each hour after intensive exercise and another immediately after to replenish lost fluids. To perform at optimal levels, athletic men should also be sure that their nutritional needs are cared for and that they're taking adequate sun care precautions to protect their skin from sun damage.
For other articles on men's grooming and skincare and sports, read Solving Sports Related Skin Problems.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

About Abs - Get Six Pack Abs By Summer

You Have the Chiseled Abs of a Greek God... Wishful thinking? MenScience offers some helpful tips to help get you - if not perfectly contoured - summer six-pack ready.

Get Motivated. It's the first and most important component to the Greek God body you so eagerly covet. There's a difference between desiring an end result, and having the constancy and determination to get there. It's important to learn to enjoy exercising, finding pleasure in both the immediate and long-term benefits. Some experts have suggested considering a healthy lifestyle and workout regimen as a job, one that you won't get paid for unless you follow through.

Drink Liquids. Besides curbing your appetite, this will flush fats out of your system. Water is great, but drinking green tea is especially useful. A powerful antioxidant, green tea is known to boost the metabolism to help burn calories.

Eat Breakfast. A study at the University of Massachusetts found that men skipping morning meals are 4.5 times as likely to be heavy than those that don't. Within an hour of waking, eat a high fiber or high protein meal, capping your caloric intake at 500. Complement your morning efforts by taking MenScience's Thermogenic Formula as it increases metabolic rate and calorie-burning to support weight-loss.

Boost your Metabolism. Get fit by eating small meals every three hours - it will keep your metabolism going and help with weight loss. High fiber snacks like nuts are a great way to keep your metabolism running when you're on the go. Take the Advanced CLA Supplement Formula in the afternoon to bolster muscle growth and decrease bodily fat for net increases in lean muscle mass.

Workout. Goes without saying, but do those sit-ups, crunches, jackknifes, leg lifts and tummy trimming workouts 3-5 times per week.

Lift Weights. The more muscle your body has, the more calories you can burn, even during rest. Cardio is great, but without lifting weights too, you're just losing muscle mass – which makes the fat take longer to disappear. For the greatest results in building a better body, do cardio in combination with muscle building activity.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wishing for Better Men's Body Lotions?

WISHING FOR A GOOD MEN'S BODY LOTION? Women are constantly slathering the stuff all over their body... From an orange mango surprise to berry, cherry and cream-puff pie, the sweet smelling, fruity flavors of citrus, cinnamon and vanilla fill the lotion aisles. While women's stores have innumerable scent varieties to choose from in a vast amount of consistencies, men are left to scamper among the drugstore cheap-o varieties to find something that doesn't make them smell or feel like a sparkley 12-year-old donning a cinnamon bun.

MenScience originated to cater to men's skincare, nutritional and grooming needs, helping with a variety of common skincare needs-like the formulation of the bestselling MenScience Advanced Face Lotion. It took us years to develop, but listening to your feedback, we've achieved a perfectly balanced, high-performance moisturizer for men. The ultralight, oil-free formula absorbs immediately and leaves a natural, invisible matte finish.

MenScience has stepped up to fill the dearth of body lotions, too. We're going to create a new body lotion that is perfect for men... but we need your feedback. All MenScience products are non-comedogenic, so don't worry about that, but tell us, if you were to create the perfect body lotion, what would it be like? Would it be creamy and thick? Would it be light and smooth easily over skin? Would it have a scent or be fragrance free? Would it be creamy or leave a sheen? Would it be oil-free?

Speak up - We want and need to know what you think about men's body lotions!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Roll out the red carpet

It was a close call with the recent writer's strike, but it looks like the 80th Annual Academy Awards is all set to stun (and possibly bore) audiences once again this Sunday. Known as much for the caliber of acting and film making being honored as the styles that make their way down the red carpet, the Oscars have always been a time for stars to wow, and possibly appall, their adoring fans. This year, the nominees for Best Actor run the full gamut of men's styles:

  • George Clooney for Michael Clayton: This politically-active leading man has been credited with jump-starting a return to cool, Sinatra-like style with tailored suits, well-trimmed haircuts and smooth moves.
  • Johnny Depp for Sweeney Todd: The hip former teen heartthrob once again donned the haunted look for another Tim Burton production, but Depp is well known for relying on a laid-back, bohemian-chic, eccentric style in his every day life.
  • Tommy Lee Jones for In the Valley of Elah: Known for his craggy, rugged appearance, Jones has been the epitome of hard-talking, straight-shooting good ole' boy for more than four decades now.
  • Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises: Although the ladies might have swooned for dreamy Aragorn, Mortensen proved he was much more than a flight of fantasy with tough roles in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. He went through strenuous physical training for his most recent role, and underwent extensive time in the makeup chair to perfectly recreate his mobster tattoos. Legend has that his steely gaze, quiet style and body art actually had strangers on the street thinking he really was a Russian gangster.

Whether your a man's man or a style pro, MenScience wants to know which leading man you think has the best men's grooming style. And let's see who brings home the coveted award on Sunday night!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Person of the Year...Says Who?

Time Magazine recently named Vladmir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, it's 2007 Person of the Year. While this decision is causing a bit of a controversy as American-Russian political relations can stranger every day, who are we to argue over who Time designates the Person of 2007? But why does Time get to be the only ones to shine the spotlight on someone who represents the spectrum of an entire year?

In fact, this whole Person of the Year controversy got us thinking of our own Men of MenScience series we conducted this year. Beginning in January, we highlighted several men from all different walks of life who all had an interest in improving themselves and the world around them. From Vincent Solomeno, a fresh-faced political aficianado, to David Miller, a successful personal trainer and fitness guru in Philadelphia and Miami, we profiled each of these men to represent the kind of guys who are actively pursuing a better life. Because at MenScience, in case you hadn't noticed, we're all about improving men's grooming, men's health and men's lives!

So forget all this Time controversy, and have a look at some of our previous Men of MenScience candidates. And let us know if you think the series should continue into next year!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Barbers Tackle Cowlicks...and Health Problems

In this blog, I've often discussed how health and grooming can go hand in hand. But now, according to an article on Fox News, they're more connected than you think. You could soon be getting more than a trim from your barber. In light of the growing numbers of African-American men being diagnosed with high blood pressure, obesity and prostate problems, many barber shops are now offering health screenings to their clientele.

From the article: "...barber shops and beauty parlors are weaving health screenings, information about diseases and advice about diet and exercise into their routine coiffing and cutting."

Barber shops have often been seen as one of the most comfortable settings for men to get together and discuss different things (sometimes issues not even discussed with their doctor). With hospitals and medical agencies providing some attendants outside in vans and inside shops to help answer questions and screen problems, African-American men might be getting a valuable chance to improve their health in a unique way.

Do you think the barber shop could be the next step to better health? Or should problems strictly be discussed and screened in medical offices?

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Free Men's Skin Care and Nutrition Advice from MenScience - Sweet!

Our writers have been quite busy in the past couple of months writing some of our latest men's skin care articles, and creating new how-to guides for acne skin care and nutrition.

My favorite nutrition article is Diet Psychology, since it gives you the skinny on what men can do to get self-motivated to loose weight, if you haven't given it a glance, go check it out!

Here are a few of our latest MenScience articles:

Proteins vs Carbs - debates the pros and cons of men's diets that focus on protein or exclude carbs, and reveal how each ingredient provides complete men's health.
Weight Management Myths - Test your knowledge of men's health and nutrition by taking the MenScience fitness quiz.
Benefits of Green Tea to Mens Health - Explore the benefits to men's health, men's weight loss and men's diet in Green Tea and nutritional supplements.
The Science of Breakouts - Causes of acne, as well as acne treatment with acne medicine and acne cleansers, blemish control and acne skin care products.

How-to Guides:

How To: Reduce Back Acne - Get rid of back acne with this bacne treatment. Back acne cure for anyone who wants to reduce back acne blemishes.
How To: Avoid Winter Skin Problems - Reduce skin irritations and problems caused by winter weather and temperatures.
How To: Exercise on a Busy Schedule - To achieve better health and lose weight by finding time to fit exercise in throughout the day.
How To: Reduce Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation - Diminish facial discolorations caused by environmental factors and age and improve skin tone and texture.
How To: Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Reveal a smoother, more youthful-looking face.
How To: Control Oily Skin - Minimize oily, shiny skin for an improved appearance.
How To: Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes - Diminish puffy or tired-looking eyes with this cold therapy, or improve dark circles and relax skin around eye area with a warm treatment.

If you like these free articles, please link to them. Thanks!

Anyone have ideas for new articles or improvements to these?

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