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Friday, February 01, 2008

Avert a Valentine's Day Massacre

The dreaded V-day is only two weeks away. And you haven't got the slightest clue what to get for that special someone. You could risk getting the cold shoulder that day (and in bed for the next week or so), or you can take a hint from MenScience on these last-minute, easy-on-the-wallet gifts that will score points and won't make you vomit from cuteness (believe us, your significant other doesn't want that four- foot-tall teddy bear either).

1. Make a CD of your favorite songs that at least make a passing reference to love. Yes, your partner may hate your taste in music, but there's no way she's going to turn down a mix you lovingly crafted for her with your own little hands.

2. A surprise trip to Barbados. Okay, we had to throw that one in.

3. Waited too long to book an exotic getaway? Turn your house into your own private oasis. All you need is some chic massage oils, candles, low lighting and music (hint hint: clean the place up first).

4. Can't get a reservation at that ultra-chic restaurant? Places are notoriously packed on Valentine's Day, so why face the crowds and disgustingly sappy couples there, when you can make a great dinner at your own place? Even you can't cook, tons of restaurants and gourmet markets offer take-out meals. Set the mood with nice dishes, candles, the works and let the chemistry commence.

5. If your sweetheart's got a green thumb, bypass the expensive bouquet that will be at the bottom of the garbage by the end of the week and get her an elegant orchid, or some other type of blooming plant.

6. And finally, when in doubt, go online. Many gift and flower sites like and offer expedited shipping for the big day. You'll be paying the bucks, but we have a feeling if you don't, you'll be paying for it in a lot of other ways later on.

(And what if the sweetie wants to get you something? Kindly direct to her to the many unique Valentine's Day gifts at We highly recommend the Travel Kit. You can tell her it'll remind you to book earlier for the trip to Barbados next year!)

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