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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Need Your Opinion

Hey Guys. We are down to the wire with your product ideas . Keep telling us which new products you would like to see from MenScience, and you'll entering to win a FREE Travel Kit.

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Stop Searching For Acne Treatments & Medications

You've probably been suffering from acne your whole life -- maybe since your teenage years, or after starting having serious stress in your life. Perhaps it was just triggered after you started using some sort of comedogenic skin care product you found at the pharmacy. Whatever the case may be, stop searching for acne treatments medications!

Acne can be triggered by several factors, including hormone imbalance, overproduction of sebum (the oily substance on the skin) and growth of bacteria (known as P. acnes). So, before you keep trying to searching for "the best acne treatment," understand that the only way to treat acne is by using acne skin care products with dermatological-grade acne medication.

MenScience offers the most advanced acne treatments for all types of skin. The level of results that these acne products provide to people suffering from pimples, whiteheads, back acne (bacne), blackheads, is evidenced in the product reviews submitted by acne sufferers who have benefited from the excellent acne treatment products that we offer.

If you want a proven acne treatment to help you heal acne today, and prevent acne breakouts in the future, while treating your acne skin scars and blemishes, try MenScience Acne Treatment System risk free for 30 days - if you're not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. The only thing you have to lose is acne!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Unemployment: The Hottest Trend in 2009

It's very sad. Unemployment. And it's the year's biggest trend -- In some areas rising to 15%. Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida... just pick a state and the unemployment rate reaches new records every month.

Fortunately, this is a market trend, and we know by now this movement is part of a cycle that will only last a period of time. How long? Different analysts and investors will give you different answers. Some will be bullish and others bearish -- In the end, the view will be directly related to how optimistic or pessimistic you are. We like to feel hopeful about things getting better in the near future and have good reasons for it. Having said that, it is during tough economic times like these that we need to work harder on reinforcing our skills, reconnecting with employment opportunities, and looking professionally.

It's All In The Look
You may have the most positive feeling about this bull market, but try to portray this during a job interview without combing your demeanor with your look, and you'll soon find yourself in a bear unemployment fair for a long period of time.

Work on looking and feeling your best every day. It's the etymology of a confident look -- simple grooming, nutrition and exercising can secure you a positive outlook in this hot market trend. Check out these recommendations to stimulate your confidence and look without having to go on an expensive spa retreat this summer:
  • Get some trim. Yes, visit your barber and get your hair trimmed neatly. Make sure you get the hairstyle that's right for you. It'll make huge impact in your image.

  • Remember about your nose and ear hair. Not sure? well, keep them short. They need to LIVE inside your nose and ears. Use tweezers, scissors, electric trimmers, or your grass shears if you need to, just get rid of those wild hairs.

  • Get a close shave. Shave every day -- it'll make you look clean. Sometimes this can dry your skin, but if you follow these shaving recommendations you're guaranteed to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs and get the best shaving results.

  • Moisturize your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated on a daily basis will prevent your skin from looking dull and dry by restoring its suppleness and elasticity, which can also help diminish the appearance of fine lines.

  • Buff away dull buildup. Removing deep-down skin impurities to reveal a smoother, renewed complexion will provide impressive results in your appearance.

  • Keep your nails cured. No. You don't have to get a professional manicure before going to a job interview. But, you should make sure to clean and trim your nails nicely -- and if possible, grooming your cuticules regularly (there's no need to cut them).

  • Disambiguation. Try saying "I'm the best candiate for this position" to an employer with an I don't feel to confortable look and crossed arms. Your body language and postures will not be in harmony with what you're trying to communicate. Always make good eye contact, maintain a relaxed but straight posture when sitting and talking, and have a cordial face. Look good. Be professional. Act confidently. Leave your ego at home.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blackheads Treatment - Follow These Steps to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads form when dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum, the oil matter secreted by the skin, clog the surface of the skin -- the bacteria tarnishes with oxygen and makes it look like black dots and sometimes tend to stick out a little.

Our first impulse is usually to pick at blackheads, however, this is the worst thing we can do as it spreads bacteria and irritates the skin. Instead, we recommend exfoliating the area with a Glycolic Acid - Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Salicylic Acid (BHA) scrub to shed upper layers of the skin, and prevent pore-clogging. After this, use an acne lotion to help reduce acne bacteria levels, help diminish redness and prevent acne blackheads from forming.

Teenagers, "Never pick at blackheads!"
Although blackheads can crop up out of control between the ages of 15 and 25 due to acne vulgaris, the best way to counteract the eliminate them is by exfoliating the skin and using a prescription-grade acne lotion.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Choosing a Hair Styling Product for Men

Men want to style their hair naturally to get the specific look they want and feel better about themselves. Generally, this can be accomplished easily with styling products like hair pomades.

Since men prefer wearing short hair, they don't have to worry too much about damaged hair problems like frizz or split ends. By simply using strong-hold hair wax, they can achieve a wide variety of hair styles.

Choosing a male hair styling product is key to nurture the needs of men's hair; evenly distributing hold and structure or focus on a particular area to create definition and contrast, finish, scent, ingredients, etc. Products like MenScience Hair Styling Pomade enable men to configure their hair in motley fashions. It can be used to give a matte finish, or wet glossy look to the hair. It's ideal for men with thick hair, and for all hair lengths.

If you are choosing a hair styling product, look for Hair Styling Promade from MenScience, which is perfect for all kinds of hair, and to add shine to fine hair. This hair wax is nice for curly hair if want to keep your curls together. It's made with natural beeswax and other natural hair nurturing ingredients to support and repair your hair.

  • If you have thick hard hair, avoid using gels and hair sprays.

  • If you want extra hold, apply hair pomade to dry hair. For natural soft hold, simply rub pomade between fingers to warm and soften, then run fingers through the hair to distribute evenly.

  • To allow your hair to breathe and support healthy-growth, use a Daily Shampoo to help revitalize its texture and to naturally exfoliate with hair nutrients.

For further tips on hair styling, hair protection and hair loss, read:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fish Food for Your Brain

Medical researches have continuously suggested that eating fish can highly benefit the brain and its process of thought. Recent publications claim that consuming fish at least once a week promotes healthier brain functions than eating it less frequently.

These studies specifically connect Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in oily fish to mental functions, thoughts, reasoning, perception, intelligence and learning. EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids are good for the brain and vital for our minds all through our lives, and generally, we don't consume enough foods containing Omega-3 EPA/DHA, for which it is particularly recommended taking an Omega 3 Supplement, and eating foods rich in Omega 3 EPA/DHA.

Now, since it can be very difficult sometimes to eat fatty fish, as many people dislike its taste (both young children and adults), taking daily doses of a maximum-strength (1,500 mg) Omega-3 concentration with an optimal ratio of EPA, DHA and DPA is the best way to include this food for the brain into their daily diets.

Start taking Omega-3 Supplement Formula and you will notice the difference in your cognitive skills after a few weeks. Give your children Omega-3 EPA/DHA to help them improve their intelligence and concentration.

About Omega-3
Omega-3 fatty acids are a family of unsaturated fatty acids consisting of essential fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) among others. It is naturally present in the body, and found in oily fish, flaxseed, eggs, meat, milk and cheesse. They help support the health of the brain in men, according to the FDA.

For past articles on Omega-3 Fatty Acids, we especially recommend:
Why You Should Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Heart Protection for Men with Omega-3 Fatty Acids
A Professional Perspective on Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's '84 Pepsi Commercial Hair Accident

After watching this never-before-seen video from Us Weekly with Michael's hair on fire, I wondered how many of us have had similar accidents?

Seriously, I think most of us have fried our eyelashes and front hair while grilling. You know, we open-up the propane tank from our Lynx grill, but since it's been sitting out in the backyard throughout the winter months, the ignition system fails. So what do we do? Of coarse we try to nose out matches -- and by the time we finally throw one in there... kaboom! Our arm hairs curl like nylon rope-ends, and our burning crest adquires that foul sulphurish-whif.

Yes, it has happened. That's 'cause we can't see past that rib eye, and simply cannot focus right.

Bottom line -- if your hair happens to explode into flames, and you suffer 3rd degree burns to your scalp and face, run to the ER. But, if you feel safe enough to finish building that perfect fire to marble your tender meat, then try spraying some Post-Shave Repair on your face; its soothing ingredients will help calm any redness and burning sensation, while refresing and healing your skin.

Once you fiinish enjoying that perfect grilled steak (naturally after you allow the juices to return to the center of the meat as it sits for a few minutes), go ahead and jump in the shower -- wash your hair using Daily Shampoo to help repair your damaged hair. This will revitalizes and nurture it for vigorous hair growth.


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We just posted our most recent newsletter: Midsummer Skincare and Nutritional Tips. Tell us what you think and if you have a topic in mind that you'd like for us to talk about.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

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Happy 123456789 Day!

At exactly 12:34:56, the time and date will be 12:34:56 7/08/09. Celebrate this second or you'll have to wait another 100 years...


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Get Your Wow Skincare Product

A lot of men still think that skin care is predominantly a feminine thing and suddenly they try a face wash out of their girlfriend's cabinet: "Wow, this is actually better than my dove bar." Some guys who have tried advanced skincare products from others end up getting themselves vetoed from their bathrooms by their roommates, while other men eventually make the leap to start taking serious care of their skin and body.

Although there are reputable skin care lines for men that sell different grooming products, you have to keep in mind that there are many elements to consider for your skin before spending any cash in men's skincare products. So, here are some ways on how you can choose the right skin care product without spending any money.

For starters, you need to figure out your skin type; there are products for different skin types that depending on yours can give that Wow result. Some products like MenScience can be used for all skin types, benefiting everyone with the same results.

Figuring out what you'd like to fix, or if you simply want to start nurturing and protecting your skin is a key. This could help you put together the right skincare routine for your complexion.

Ingredients are another important factor to keep in mind when it comes to getting the most for your money. Finding products with gentle and soothing ingredients that can help your skin renew its complexion is vital when it comes to getting a wow skin care product.

Some skin care lines for men are in much demand because of their price-point; however, the ingredients used in some of these products generally will not help achieve any satisfactory results. If you choose this particular route, make sure to read the labels to find out how each component reacts on your skin.

MenScience offers FREE samples so you can experience advanced skincare with professional-grade ingredients for visible results without blowing any cash. Once you try them, you'll be able to WOW your skin.

We hope these "Wow Skincare Products" tips help! This is a great way for any man to try the best skin care products scientifically formulated for them.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

4th of July 2009 for MenScience

As you might imagine, our offices will be closing at 5pm EST on Thursday, July 2, 2009 for Independence Day. The office will re-open for business on Tuesday, July 6, 2009. If you have any questions, please send them to us via email.

We'll be enjoying 4th Of July in Key Biscayne -- it's always special. There's the floats parade, live music, big flocks swamping the beaches, the usual street closures, and of coarse, the fire truck sprinkling water for kids. It's awesome!

With so much beach... it's perfect for celebrating and it becomes the party zone between the hours of the parade and the nightfall fireworks ritual -- it's just not Fourth Of July without fireworks, and the island community takes this very seriously.

It's always a very nice 4th Of July display. If you plan on being in the Miami area this weekend, this is definitely a fun place to visit. Just make sure to arrive early to find parking, and a good spot to enjoy the parade, which starts at 11am. Wear sunblock at all times--reapply every 4 hours, and once you hit the beach after the parade, reapply sunscreen every 1-2 hours. It'll be a long-sunny day.

The fireworks are scheduled to begin at 9pm, so if you leave the beach area to grab dinner, make sure you're back before it begins to get a nice location.

That's about it. Enjoy safely where ever you decide to celebrate this Independence Day. Also for some further info on sun protection, summer skin care, age spots, skin sunburn treatment:

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