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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Common Acne Treatment Mistakes

Most people suffering from acne commonly make simple mistakes when treating their acne. So, hopefully we can help some of you avoid making these mistakes.

Perhaps the biggest mistake everyone makes is trying too many acne products at once; most of the time they are natural or home made products -- which usually makes you think it's safe, but it is definitely not the case. Although your skin is able to endure a lot things, it is more delicate than you might think. This is why you must be very selective using acne treatments.

Acne can be caused by internal and external factors, so identifying the root of your acne problems is key to select the best acne treatment, which should always include gentle acne skin care products with dermatological-grade ingredients to treat the causes of acne. In some cases it can be stress related, or triggered by hormone disorders, etc.

If you always keep this in mind, you can get rid of acne permanently.

There are no miracle quick-fix home made acne solutions. If you are looking for overnight acne treatments, then you need to make sure these contain professional acne medicines.

Typically acne sufferers make the mistake of trying different supplements, vitamins and minerals, combined with moisturizers, spot treatments, exfoliants, face cleansers, and many other things.

Another common slip is that they normally don't give acne treatments enough time to really work on the skin. Treating acne can be a long process sometimes -- changing your acne products after using them for only a week is a big mistake. This will only disturb your skin and produce more breakouts. Just try to be patient and give your skin enough time to get used to your acne treatment.

The best acne advice we can give you is to try not to use too many acne products at once. Simply start with a gently face cleanser and oil-free moisturizer, and treat your breakouts with an acne lotion. You don't really need more than that.

Picking and squeezing. This can be hard to avoid sometimes, however, popping zits only aggravates the problem and it will take longer for your pimples to heal. Besides, you'll be guaranteeing black spots from acne.

Keep it simple and try a professional Acne Treatment System.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yoko Ono: Yes, She's 76 Today

Was she the reason for The Beatles' breakup? I guess that's for you to decide -- What I do know is that as an artist she has supported other artists and musicians including Lennon, of coarse.

Interesting Fact

She's also made some 'music' herself. It's bit ticklish to digest or understand for some, but she continues draw new angles and take different approaches as we can appreciate in her new CD, Yes, I'm A Witch. The tracks are not new, but she had the judgmental reach to allow other artists to make her recordings their own.

And that's what I like about this arguably controversial woman. She keeps her work in constant development.

How can we help men's skin care "evolve?"


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Curing Black Spots from Acne

Last year Men's Health Magazine published an acne piece that focused on men suffering from dark spots on their face as a consequence of acne and endorsed our Pigmentation Repair Formula as the best product to get rid of dark spots from acne and to fade acne scars.

With the number of people suffering from acne today, it's not surprising to hear that so many end-up with dark acne scars. We receive a lot emails and phone calls from customers looking for an effective acne treatment that can help them clear their skin and eliminate those dark spots left by acne blemishes. A good number of these customers are black -- acne scars tend to be particularly unexceptional in African-American skin. This occurs when pores become clogged with sebum (the oily substance on the skin) and bacteria (known as P. acnes). When the clog occurs below the skin surface, this creates a “whitehead,” which in turn generates uneven skin tones (called "hyperpigmentation"). Usually these can fade over time, but depending on the severity of the acne, it is recommended that they are treated with ingredients that can help even skin color and promote a smoother surface.

Generally, acne dark spots create emotional stress and upsets the acne sufferer to the point of leading some to skin bleaching attempts to get rid of dark spots.

Acne sufferers with dark spots (acne scars) should use pigmentation creams with Retinol, Kojic Acid and Vitamin C to fade dark areas and balance skin tone. While treating dark spots, acne sufferers must protect their skin from the sun. This is specially true for people with light skin color as their skin contains less melanin (skin pigment) having less protection against the sun's rays. This means that you should use an oil-free sunblock with SPF 30 at all times.

It is also recommended that people suffering from dark spots due to acne, routinely use gentle exfoliating skin cleansers to buff away dead skin cells and dull buildup, revealing new cells for an even tone. Face scrubs with Glycolic acid are ideal for this, because it sheds upper layers of skin, leading to smoother, softer skin, and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that what caused the dark spots was the acne -- you must treat the acne with acne medicine to prevent breakouts and more dark spots.

We highly recommend Acne Treatment System to eliminate acne permanently. A 3-step acne treatment clinically developed with dermatological-grade acne medication.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Dark Circles Creams: Will They Cure My Unwanted Lotor Eyes

One of our customer's favorite products is the Eye Rescue Formula -- the reviews on this dark circles cream are fantastic. Having said that, I'd like to address a few frequently asked questions from customers anticipating overnight results once they start using the dark circles formula.

Q: With some many eye creams out there, why do you recommend yours to cure dark circles under eyes?
Although different eye creams suit different people, Eye Rescue Formula is specifically formulated to soothe the skin around the eyes when due to the degradation of elastin and loss of collagen in the body your eyes become lined and wrinkled. The combination of dermatological-grade ingredients in this eye cream protect and repair the skin around your eyes to help reduce the appearance of signs of eye aging such as dark circles, puffiness, under eye bags and crows feet.

What can I do if I have suffered from dark circles since my teenage years?
A: Apply Eye Rescue Formula to your dark circles. Also read this dark circles article.

Does applying raw potato or cucumber slices help to get rid of dark circles as an alternate remedy?
A: Potatoes contain an enzyme that lightens pigmentation and reduces dark areas. As for cucumber, it has faint fading attributes. However, these are just makeshift treatments. Using a professional dark circles cream will give you lasting results thanks to it's dermatological-grade ingredients; they truly help brighten and normalize pigmentation of the skin, and promote skin firmness and elasticity, improving the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

How fast should I expect my dark circles to go away?
A: Dark circles can be caused by many things, but they are very likely to be hereditary or of ethnic descent. Nevertheless, additional external factors can also cause dark under eye circles. In many cases, smoking, alcohol, caffeine, allergies, and physical elements (thryroid problems, iron deficiencies) lead to dark circles. So, there isn't an exact curing time-frame to get rid of dark circles. You may start getting visible results after 2-3 weeks of treatment, however, if you suffer from any of these conditions, then you shouldn't expect to get rid of dark circles so swiftly.

Q: Do hard nights out and skimping on sleep cause dark circles?
A: Yes. As often as not experiencing lack of sleep or interrupted sleep leads to developing dark circles, and in general it may have negative effects on your complexion. Get some sleep. Your whole system, including your skin, needs at least 8 hours a night to recharge and repair itself.

Q: Do I need to keep my skin hydrated to help get rid of dark circles?
A: Indeed. I cannot stress this enough. Your body needs water to flush away toxins and restore its appearance. Keep in mind that your skin loses a lot of moisture due to atmosphere factors and it’s important to keep it hydrated from the inside out. We also recommend that use a dark circles eye cream because it is a great way to keep the skin around the eyes moisturized -- it helps lock in your body's own water to prevent loss through the skin.

With a little help from Eye Rescue Formula and this dark circles treatment you should be able to cure your unwanted lotor eyes.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mircrofine Face Scrub is Back In-Stock

Status announcement

Dear customers in the US - Mircrofine Face Scrub is back in-stock and all backorders have been shipped. We have made improvements in our operation in order to avoid this type of situation future due to popular product demand.

We thank you for being so patient and for reserving our award-winning exfoliating skin cleanser.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Secret Acne Weapon: Relax and Heal Your Acne Stressed Skin

Acne treatment has become a huge industry; medication and surgical procedures (both aimed at curing acne) as a measure to clear and eliminate acne. Nonetheless, a simple and effective practice is right in front of us (or under us I should say).

In today's fast-paced, frustrating, demanding, and difficult world, stress can take a toll and it's been medically proven to be directly connected to acne breakouts. Whether is your work, college, kids, social life, or perhaps medical conditions, these can all easily lead to stress and end-up causing acne. Not to mention other skincare conditions. The secret weapon to defend your skin against stress-related acne breakouts is relaxation.

You should always use an acne treatment -- but you should also practice relaxation to help clear your acne stressed skin.

The relation is still not too clear. What we do know is that stress provokes tension and anxiety, which can both trigger the production of sebum (the oily substance that lubricates skin), and as we already know, increased sebum production means oily skin -- and oily skin means clogged pores and acne breakouts. Also keep in mind that stress delays the healing process of skin. And of coarse, we should always avoid falling into the vicious cycle of feeling mentally stressed-out about having acne breakouts.

How can you relax about acne?

It's very straightforward. You can start by getting a good night sleep. When you sleep well, the body recharges, and it keeps stress levels down, reducing its production of sebum. Also, practice breathing exercises to help calm you down.

Another great way to relax your body is by clearing your mind. Try playing some Tibetan music to prod your chakra. Get into a meditation mode and clear your mindset.

So, if you're stressing about which is the best acne treatment for your skin? Perhaps you should just relax about it. MenScience Acne Treatment System is guaranteed to eliminate acne in 3 simple steps. It's a clinically developed acne treatment with dermatological-grade acne medication for visible results.

Isn't this relaxing?

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Is There a Science Behind Beauty and Youth?

People have been using anti-aging products for decades -- women mostly. However, men are now digging deep and finding scientifically developed formulas to prevent skin aging.

MenScience has the answer (a scientific one) to anti-aging skin care treatment: Peptides. GABA. Retinol.

What exactly are these empirical components? In simple terms, these are the most advanced anti-aging elements used by dermatologists to reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and promote firmer skin. Scientifically speaking, these 3 ingredients are like supernatural youth-winners.

Polypeptides) are complex molecules derived from combining chains of amino acids (the body's building blocks.) When these are linked together they help smooth wrinkles and fill in fine lines on the skin.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric-Acid) is a natural amino acid found in the nervous system. It's known to relax muscles and bodily tissues by inhibiting and controlling nerve impulses, which makes it a big winner when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The most popular or commonly-known of these is Botox. GABA acts similarly without being invasive and it's completely safe for all types of skin.

Retinol is an antioxidant derived from Vitamin A. Because it is fat-soluble, it is able to absorb into fatty layers of skin to promote greater cell renewal and increases in collagen and elastin production.

MenScience has made a giant leap in putting these together in an anti-aging formula and combining its benefits with an antioxidant formula to help protect your body from free radicals which can accelerate the signs of aging. It is the best anti-aging system with dermatological-grade anti-aging skin care ingredients.

So, if you've ever wondered if There is a Science Behind Beauty and Youth? Perhaps this can give a good clue of what science can do to help develop treatments to fight the aging process.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Monthly Saver Auto-Ship: A New Buying Option from

We've been offering a 3-Month Supply option on our nutritional supplement products for quite a while now, and we finally gotten around to including a Monthly Saver Auto-Ship option which allows you to automatically receive monthly shipments of selected products, Saving you 20% + FREE Shipping. Once you purchase a product using the Monthly Saver Auto-Ship option your credit card be billed every month when your packaged is shipped. You may cancel at any time by contacting us at [email protected] or 1-800-608-6367.

All you have to do is look for the best deal icon when buying your products -- click on the red button and we will start sending you monthly supplies of the purchased products.

Hit the site and shop for the best nutritional supplements, the Monthly Saver Auto-Ship is there. Let us know if you'd like to see this option available for your favorite mens' skin care and acne products as well.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Good Valentine's Gifts

The ultimate love gift. Give a Body Lotion that can increase their body's moisture this Valentine's Day.

Find the perfect spot -- Only MenScience offers an ultralight, oil free body lotion that can dramatically increase their skin's moisture levels and soften more than just their heart.

Gifts they'll love you for -- Visit our site for lots of great skin care products that with a little imagination can transform a routine shower into scintillatingly sexy.

Give a lounging set for affection -- puts sexy sleepwear and underpinnings right when they need to lie back. Shop their sexy lounge sets today and get a 15% discount by entering promo code "menscience."

Are there any other great/recommended valentine's gifts that you would suggest adding to the list?

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WHAT A WEEKEND -- Nadal is Finally at Rest & Roethlisberger Plays Backyard Football

So let's start with Nadal, by now it should not come as something of a surprise to see him beat Federer or fight so hard during each and every point. What I personally wonder is how he does it? I mean here's a guy who had just played a 5 hour and 14 mins. match barking his "Vamos" and 2 days later he comes back and does it again to one the most competitive tennis players of this decade, taking not just a title from him, but an opportunity to make hisrtory.

Where does his energy and tennis-fury come from? What kind of antioxidants is uncle Tony giving him? What is he taking to maintain his energy levels so boosted? And yes, he has said that he likes more fighting to win than wining -- whatever it may be, it is clearly giving us a fun sports rivalry to follow. No discussion.

Anyhow, congratulations to Nadal and I hope he can conserve energy for future Fernando and Roger matches.

Now, let's talk about this year's Super Bowl. What a victory! The Pittsburg Steelers made history by becoming the only NFL team to win 6 Super Bowls, yet Warner was able to hold his head high in defeat. It even made Roethlisberger feel almost guilty about throwing that winning touchdown pass.

What was so great about last night's game is that, despite the Cardinals getting their upset spoiled in the final two minutes, Warner was still greatful that he was able to be a part one the greatest games and he has been fortunate to be part of three great Super Bowl games. So, Cardinal fans should definitely proud of that.

I guess now there are a couple of things we have to wonder about: is Warner's record going to make him a Hall of Famer and will he be back in the NFL next year.

Tell us what you think by posting some comments here.

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