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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Useful Testimonials About Acne Products

I caught up with some of our customers' acne treatment product reviews. Normally I don't mention these here, but people have been talking about it a lot lately. So I thought I'd drop some interesting ones here.

By Irineo from Soledad, CA
I used to have clear skin then stress caught up with me and I been breaking out ever since. So then I went and found the MenSciecne Acne Treatment System, it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry, it works fast, and best of all it improves your skin. I am amazed and stratified with this product. Glad I found it.

By Scott in PA from Erie, PA
I bought this acne treatement as a gift for a friend who has been struggling with acne for several years. He had tried the usual over the counter medications, but nothing seemd to work. He had seen an advertisement for this acne treatment, but thought it was the usual hype for an ineffective product. I decided to fork over the money to give it a try. Within a week of using it, he noticed a big difference. The acne was disappearing on his face and his shoulders and in addition he was no longer plagued with razor bumps, which was also a big problem for him. This was the first acne product that actually worked! The downside: It is expensive and that alone may deter some shoppers. (That is my only criticism.) But it works, and the relief it brought was well worth the cost in this instance!

By NS from Brooklyn, NY
Cleared my skin. Other acne products didn't help, but it has made my complexion clearer, especially with the brown spots from scarring! I was amazed. I would highly recommend!

By Rob from Dallas, TX
As someone who's not afraid to spend a few dollars to clean and protect his skin, I had high hopes for the Acne Therapy cream. Despite being a mid-20s male with clear skin, I, like many others, inevitably get a blemish or two. Unfortunately, my profession does not allow for me to have "face recovery time" before making public appearances. With this cream, blemishes that would linger for days are now gone within a single day-- and sometimes hours!

This is what every man needs in his desk-- just in case something "pops" up before that big meeting or right before he leaves to pick up that hot date.

By RJ from Philadelphia, PA
This stuff is absolutely amazing. I get some pretty nasty zits and they come out of left field. The Acne Spot Repair takes complete care of that. I put it on as soon as I see a pimple starting to form and it instantly starts to work. The Spot Repair has saved me from having to go out in public with some seriously embarrasing zits. This stuff is truely magic!

By Steve from Tucson, AZ
I thought I was using the best until I tried this product. Doesn't dry your skin out or leave dry patches like other acne products. I couldn't get over how quickly I saw results. At 48 I get the occasional breakout and this will now be my "go to" product! Thank you MenScience!

By jp from Canton, OH
Ironically, I have not had the "monster zit" since I bought this product, but it does seem to to the job adequately on my lesser pimples. The fact that I have not broken out is probably a testament to the other excellent menscince products that I use daily on my face.

By CharlieA from Boston, IL
I get frequent large whitehead and this product really gets rid ob them super-fast. It is not cheap, but I have gotten excellent results that I have not gotten with any other product. I apply it 3-4 times per day on a new whitehead and usually i do not need more than those applications for it to dissappear. It absorbs well, but because of the acne medicine make sure you do not get it on your clothes as it can fade these.

By Cycle man from Atlanta, GA
I have normal skin but I tend to breakout regularly at least twice a month. I have been using this product for 4 months and it is the most effective acne treatment I have found to control my acne. Not only have are acne breakouts almost gone, but my skin looks much smoother and the acne marks are disappearing. I use this cream almost daily (I also use the face scrub to cleanse my face and the menscinece face tonic) and I would recommend it as a standard acne prevention measure.

By Olivia the Teacher from Los Angeles, CA
I tried this acne product my husband bought for his own skincare needs, and I noticed a difference in my skin the very next day. This acne product is easy to use, does not dry out your skin, and works!!!!

By Rick from Thousand Oaks, CA
I have been using these acne pads for about two months and have not broken out once. They absorb extra oil on my face but are not drying. I use every day without exception and increase to two or three times a day if I think I might break out. I have tried many acne products and this is the only acne treatment I currently use.

By John from LA, CA
I frequently break out with many small whiteheads on my forehead and this is the only product that has really helped me to control this problem. I start using it over my entire face once a day before I actually breakout and if the whiteheads start to appear then I use 4 or 5 times and it usually makes them go away before they fully develop in a couple of days. This is all I use to control my acne.

By tr0yg from FWB, FL
I have been a devout user of MENSCIENCE products for the last four years and because I've had such success with their lineup, I'm always looking forward to the latest additions in their catalog. My most recent purchase included a bottle of Face Tonic which has been a first for me in more ways than one. With the exception of a mild case of roseacea, I've been fortunate enough not to have any problems when it comes to acne prone skin. Hence, I've never used any facial astringent before (nor have I been one to wash my face at night either). However, I'm in my second week of using the Face Tonic and I have found this is the best way to cleanse before bed. I've never realized how much dirt and grime is in my skin that cant be seen by the human eye. This acne product sucks up dirt and oil like a vacuum and leaves my face feeling "minty fresh" with a slight tingle. I know that sounds corny, but even if you don't have bad acne or oily skin this product is still well worth the investment.

By Brett the college kid from Minneapolis, MN
This acne product is simply amazing. It's easy to use, you can put it on virtually anytime. Cleans off any grime or impurities that may get on your face during the coarse of the day. Doesn't leave a shiny almost greasy look like some cleansers do. Overall a great acne product whether you have acne or not.

If you want to take a minute to review an acne treatment product, click on the write a review link in the product page. Acne treatment reviews are a great way to share opinions and experience about your acne product. Other acne sufferers will appreciate your review and will benefit from your expertise.

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