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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top Men's Spas and Luxury Travel Destinations

While we're busy slogging away at MenScience creating even better men's skincare, grooming and nutritional products, we do realize that there is a whole world of men out there who are taking advantage of summer to travel and see the sites. Here's a list of some hot spas, grooming spots and vacation destinations that feature our products that you might want to add to your summer itinerary (or at least dream about adding).
Enjoy a men's-only spa fit for royalty with flat-screen TVs, a lengthy list of massage services and ultra-lux relaxation lounge at SIR Spa in the metro Chicago area.

Miami is known for its tropical weather, hot bodies and risque clothes (or lack of), but skip the full-body waxing and head to Churchill's Barber Shop for a men's grooming experience not to be missed. This classic barbershop offers a refined atmosphere with espresso bar and expert, no-nonsense Deluxe Shaves and Trims.

Take a trip up north to beautiful Montreal to discover some of the finest men's grooming services at Adam Le Spa. Offering everything from Hot Stone massages to the Millionaire Pedicure, this hot spot is sure to have you exclaiming "Oh, Canada!" with admiration by the time you're through.

Or head across the water to Spa NK in London for superb grooming services and face treatments in a relaxed, posh atmosphere. Hey, they don't call it Merry Olde England for nothing.

(For great tips on how to travel with style, check out Health and the Modern Traveler).

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zen and the Art of Facial Hair

Most Japanese men are known for being close-shavers, promoting a complete image of sophistication, professionalism, and above all, smooth grooming. But some shaving companies are out to change that image.

A Wall Street Journal article recently detailed how Schick and Braun are both courting the Japanese market by advocating facial hair for men. Long been thought a taboo style from boardrooms to bars in the Far East, the two companies are advocating a change to how Japanese men present themselves with marketing gizmos like an interactive website that lets you change beards, a classification system of what facial hair is right for you, and clever Japan-only advertising campaigns urging men to let it all hang out.

However, because beards and mustaches are still frowned upon in the Japanese culture and Japanese men tend to have less facial hair overall, the two companies have a long road ahead of them.

Although facial hair is more accepted in America, here at MenScience we wonder how many guys really know how to take care of their beards and mustaches. Here's a quick run-down of tips to keep your facial hair in shape all summer long:

  • Advanced Shave Formula is non-foamy and allows you to see what you are shaving so you can keep your beard and mustache even.
  • Always keep facial hair trimmed and free of debris. Clean it with a gentle cleanser like Daily Shampoo just as you would the hair on your head.
  • Keep everything trimmed with regular visits to the barber. Or invest in a good beard trimmer to get the best results on your own.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Expert Grilling Tips

Technically you're celebrating the birth of our country, deliverance from England's monarchy, our freedom to be a democracy, etc., etc.…..but we all know what the Fourth of July really comes down to: BBQ, BBQ and more BBQ.

And while any Neanderthal can throw a pound of chuck on the grill, it takes a pro to pull off some first-class grilling. Here are some tips and tricks that will have your friends thinking you're the next Bobby Flay, as well as advice on sticking to a healthy diet and avoiding summertime diet pitfalls.

  • Don't push down on burgers or steaks while they cook to keep them juicy.
  • Want expert grill marks? Lightly grease the grate using tongs and a vegetable oil-soaked paper towel before laying the meat on.
  • Eliminate flare-ups by trimming meat before cooking. (Lean meat is also lower in saturated fat, making for a happy heart).
  • Make clean-up a snap by scraping the grate down with a wire grill brush after the grill is turned off, but before it cools down.
  • Load up on grilled vegetables instead of calorie-busting sides like potato salad or coleslaw.
  • Try some healthier substitutions: whole-grain buns for white, mustard for mayo, salmon or skinless chicken breasts for hamburgers.
  • It's easy to go back for seconds (and thirds and fourths…) at all-day events so pay attention to your portion sizes.
  • Find even more ways to keep the pounds off this summer in the Nutrition section of Tips & Advice.

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