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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Acne Breakouts Can Be Triggered by Stress

YOU'VE GOT A BIG MEETING IN 2 DAYS... You've worked on your presentation for over a month and it's your one shot to make a big impression. But what's this? Pimples - whiteheads - blackheads - an enormous zit? The only impression you'll make is that of a pimple-faced teenager - not a seasoned professional!

How can you possibly have an acne breakout? You eat right, wash your face regularly with men's skincare products and use acne treatment products - and for goodness sakes - you're in your late 30's!

Once considered pure fiction, medical research has just begun affirming that there is a real connection between stress and acne. To help men avoid and treat stress induced acne (so they look great for the big meeting), MenScience has just released a new article, aptly entitled Acne Breakouts Can Be Triggered by Stress - Check it out!

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Blogger Dan said...

It's true that acne can be triggered by stress and a lot of times it's because when we're stressed we touch our face in frustration or lose sleep and begin eating poorly.

Primarily, however, acne is caused by excess sebum production that clogs the pores.

Unfortunately for us guys, treatments much be absorbed deep, 25% deeper than in girls, because our skin is that much thicker. Also, we have more testosterone which also produces oils.

My question is: Why don't acne treatments account for these differences if they obviously effect our acne and also how it should be managed??

Wed Sep 17, 11:06:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Trent said...

There are a lot of things that acne treatments ignore. Obviously, the gender differences are being ignored.

But also, they ignore the potential dangers of some of the ingredients used in the most popular and most advertised acne treatments.

For example, it's shocking how many treatments use parabens. Parabens are dangerous preservatives used to prolong shelf life and have been banned in Europe due to links to certain types of cancer. Yet, most of the big acne treatments still use these harmful ingredients so that they last longer in stores.

I make a point in thoroughly reading the ingredients label before I purchase an acne treatment.

Sun Sep 28, 07:30:00 PM EDT  
Blogger aasi said...

Most Acne Solutions promise a miracle, but once you buy them, you are disappointed that they don't work as well as you thought. At Acne-Reviews, we look at what is in those acne treatment products that helps them clear your skin.

Tue Dec 15, 05:48:00 AM EST  

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