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Eye-Opening Cure

MenScience has an eye-opening cure for you.
A well known Irish proverb says ‘What butter and whiskey will not cure, there’s no cure for.’ We beg to differ. Too much of either and you’ll need a cure – but fast!

Whether you’re planning to recover from a little or a lot this St. Patrick’s Day – or you’re just burning the midnight oil to prepare your taxes – MenScience has an eye-opening, curative solution that’s perfect for the season – and your pocket book.

This month, when you buy our eye depuffing, bag destroying, aging skin rebuffing, wrinkle and line combating Eye Rescue Formula – you’ll be lucky enough to get the greenish-blue Eye Gel Mask as well – and all for the special price of $40.00!

To take advantage of our special March offer on the Eye Rescue Formula and Eye Gel Mask, simply type the code IRISHEYES during checkout and you’ll receive the package price and get free shipping, too!

Special price for qualifying products only available at during March 04-31, 2008.

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