Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

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February 14th is upon us - referred to as Valentine’s Day in the common vernacular, this lover’s Holiday is both the most eagerly anticipated and dreaded of them all.

As you agonize over what to do and where to go, we’ve been creating a rewards package to show just how much we love your business. 

Simply type the code VTD08 during checkout on all orders made during the month of February (02.01-29.08) and you will be automatically entered to win a $100 cash prize!

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Having trouble selecting a Valentine’s Day gift? MenScience is here to help – Our New ‘Editor’s Most Loved Products and Your Best Bets’ has Valentine packages for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, grandfathers and sons. Whether you’re looking for someone you’re sweet on, or you just want to remind a dear friend or family member how much you care, we have a Valentine’s Day package as lovable as you!

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