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Men's Grooming and Skin Care Quiz
Questions and Answers about Exfoliation
Choosing the Best Products for a Man's Skin
How to Include a Supplement in Your Diet
A Critical Look at Anti-Aging Products - Anti Aging Skin Care
Heart Protection for Men with Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Emergency Men’s Grooming Fixes for Special Occasions
The Basics of Mens Hair Care
A Professional Perspective on Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Beware of these Ingredients
Dr. Kaufman on Ingrown Hairs
Best Anti-Aging Therapy
Antioxidants and Anti-Aging
Skin Care - Skincare for Men of Color
Winter Skin Care - Take Care of Your Skin During Winter
Get the Men's Hairstyle that's Right for You
The Truth About Carbohydrates
Weight Management Myths
Benefits of Green Tea to Mens Health
Get Fit By Eating Well
Wedding & Anniversary Grooming Tips for Men
Acne Treatment and Prevention

Foolish Skincare and Nutrition Mistakes

MenScience is bringing you a �special� article on some of the most foolish things that men do when it comes to skincare and nutrition...more »

Men's facial skin care treatment

Skin Cancer Facts

OVER HALF the forms of cancer diagnosed every year are skin cancer, and it is one of the most common forms of cancer among men...more »

Deep Facial Cleansing for Any Season

Face Skin Cleansing DetoxSOMETIMES a simple winter repair turns into a major overhaul. Andsometimes a simple face wash routine needs to be...more »
Winter skin care for men with dry skin

Reduce skin irritations and problems caused by winter weather

How To: Avoid Winter Skin Problems

Dry skin care treatment and skin irritations recommendations for winter seasons. Tips for men with very dry skin and how to moisturize your face under cold temperatures...
Acne product recommendations

How comedogenic products relate to acne skin care

Comedogenic vs Non-comedogenic

Maybe you've come accross the term on a skincare product – and more specifically – an acne prevention product. Maybe you read it on a medical website or heard it on a news program.
Professional age spots treatment

Improve your skin tone and reduce age spots

Professional Age Spots Treatment

Few things can damage the skin's natural appearance as much as unsightly dark spots and uneven skin tone (also called hyperpigmentation; age, sun or liver spots; or solar lentigines).
Top 10 power foods for men

Best power foods for every men should eat to stay healthy

Top 10 Power Foods for Men

MenScience has compiled a list of the ten best power foods every man should strive to eat to help men maintain muscle mass, immune function, and may prevent bone loss.
Razor burn shaving recommendations

Shave tips for shave razor burn

Shave for Results: Razor Burn Recommendations

Let's face it, shaving is an invasive activity. Applying a sharp metal blade to your face cuts hairs but also removes microscopic layers of skin and can cause irritation.
Tips to prevent flu during this season

8 tips to cut the number of sick days during flu season

A Healthy Dose of Paranoia to Avoid the Flu

Who knew business execs could teach us a thing or two about staying healthy this flu season? Consider Andy Grove�s business theory �only the paranoid survive.�

Pros and Cons: Electric Razors vs. Manual Razors vs. DE Razors

Razors comparisonRazors have been around since ancient times, when men used bronze...more »

Eight Ways to Battle Back Acne

�BACNE.� Cute name, but it�s no laughing matter for guys who have to put up with irritating bouts of acne on their back, shoulders, and neck...more »

A Doctor's Point Of View On Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps

We asked Dr. Joely Kaufman for her professional opinion on treating ingrown hairs, and here is what she had to say: "Razor bumps" are medically known to the dermatologist as...more »
Razor bumps shaving tips for black men

What every black men should know about getting a close shave

Razor Bumps Shaving Tips

Most men have suffered from ingrown hairs or razor bumps at one point or another, and a large percentage of men must deal with the condition on a regular basis. This is especially true for African-American men...more »

Fitness Calculator

Get a complete fitness profile and free health advice to improve your physical fitness and start fighting...

Look 10 Years Younger

As you get older, your skin and overall appearance can start to deteriorate. Getting older is hard to do....more »

Prevent Seasonal Skin Irritations

Take care of your skin through extreme weather and temperature changes during winter and summer seasons....



•  Improve your skin tone and reduce "age spots/lentigines"
•  Real skin cleansing and detox for any season
•  Antioxidants and aging
•  A Revealing look at skin exfoliation
•  Tips to Protect Men's Skin From Colder, Drier Autumn Weather
•  Don’t Let the Market Bears Bring down Your Skin’s Appearance
•  Male body shaving tips
•  The basics of men's hair care and hairstyles
•  Medical recommendations for ingrown hairs
•  Get the pain out of shaving and stop razor bumps
•  Shaving exam: is it ok to skip the aftershave?
•  Acne facts Vs fiction
•  Acne treatment and prevention
•  Get aggressive about acne breakouts
•  Stop stress to acne
•  How to: Exfoliate your skin
•  How to: Get rif of dark circles under eyes
•  How to: Soothe and hydrate your skin
•  How to: Organize your bathroom
•  How to: Pack for trip during the coming holidays
•  How to: Cure, heal and orevent cahpped lips
•  How to: Excecise on a busy schedule
•  How to: Follow a simple skincare regimen
•  Why should you take omega 3 fatty acids
•  Benefits of green tea to men's health
•  Steps to building a better body
•  Lose weight fast
•  A healthy dose of paranoia to avoid the flu
•  Emergency shaving and grooming fixes
•  Choosing the best products for a men's skin
•  Tips to partying in style
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Advanced Body Lotion
Skin Care Plan for Holiday Social Events
Preventing January's Weight Gain Regret
Winterize Your Skin
24 Fit System - Lose Weight Fast
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Free Radical Protection
“Your body needs antioxidant protection to strengthen its repair processes,
and combat negative effects of free-radicals that damage the cells and
accelerate the aging."

Advanced Antioxidants
Price $28.00


Outdoor Essentials
“The TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30 offers the best non-greasy waterproof sunscreen
to protect your from UVA/UVB. This is a must have during summer-days."

TiO2 Sunblock SPF 30
Price $31.00

Deep Facial Cleansing
“Exfoliate dead skin cells and renew your complexion to get an even tone with
MenScience's exfoliating skin cleanser. Revitalizing your face just got easier."
—Men's Health

Microfine Face Scrub
Price $29.00

Airplane Air and Its Effect on the Skin

Even if you've only taken one flight in your life, chances are you’ve suffered the effects of “Airplane Air,” the germ-heavy, arid brew of recirculated air in the cabin of the plane. Itchy eyes, clogged sinuses and dry skin are all symptoms of this monster, and no wonder: there’s less than 25% humidity on a plane, compared to the 35% in most houses.

Get the Men's Hairstyle that's Right for You

Men's hairstyle photos with cool tips and advice to improve your appearance and style using healthy hair styling products.

Weight Management

Test your knowledge on men's health and nutrition by taking the MenScience fitness quiz.
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