Daily Face Wash

Daily Face Wash

All Skin Types. Salicylic and Glycolic Acid
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• Gently removes impurities and debris
• Dissolves buildup and clears pores
• Revatilizes, smoothes and softens

This advanced liquid cleanser leaves your face super clean, soft and smooth without drying out skin like bar soap does. This face wash for men gently removes impurities, oily residues and buildup for a renewed complexion with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, aloe, allantoin and glycerin. Ideal for all skin types. 8 oz.
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Atonement for abusing your face for so long
By from   on 12/6/2013
 I wish I had taken better care of my face when I was 20. Now that I’m twice that, the neglect from those early years has started to show. And like many men, I’ve been lured in by the many products on the local store shelves promising youthful skin. I tried many and always felt disappointed. Luckily, I kept looking and - short of actually going back in time and using something other than Ivory soap! – the combination of Daily Face Wash and Advanced Face Lotion is pretty near perfect for me. My skin feels clean and dry and firm. And it doesn’t reek of fake perfume! I have cologne; I don’t need lotion that smells like a cheap barbershop. I won’t say that this lotion has taken years off my face, but it makes me feel good…and that’s well worth the price.
Good cleanser
By from  Brooklyn on 9/27/2013
Good stuff, cleans without drying your face
Great Quality Face Wash
By from  Baton Rouge,La on 6/10/2013
Great Product Leaves Skin Feeling Clean And Smooth...I Have Seen A Difference In My Skin Had Acne Problem Skin. I Would Highly Recommend This Product For People With Acne Problem Skin. A Little Bit Disappointed Though With The Results So Far About Getting An Even Tone Complextion Because Of The Gylcolic Acid Ingredient That The Face Wash Contains. Hopefully This Will Change If I Keep Using The Product Longer Than I Have Which Has Been Probably Only A Month
Clean skin and more moisture and bright complexion
By from  MD on 5/17/2013
this is the only face wash I use now since it removes the oil and sweat that I have from my skin and leaves me with fresh dewy skin and a perfect complexion year round . it cleans my pores and helps prevent breakouts , its a good product to use as a maintenance after getting great results from the facial mask , it helps me keep my complexion great and clean , I use it twice a day . I would recommend it to everyone .
All around great product
By from Long Beach, CA on 3/10/2013
I think this face wash adapts to all skin types. My face suffers from mild acne and occasionally cystic pimples under my jawline. This wash greatly reduced that. Think of it as a heavy duty wash compared to those over-counter products.
Good Face Wash
By from Singapore on 3/9/2013
Nice face wash, leaving your face smooth and clean.
The best face wash that I have used.
By from Columbus, OH on 2/21/2013
I had a lot of trouble finding the right face wash and this is by far the best I've used. Keeps my face smooth and does not dry out my skin.
Psoriasis... GONE!!!
By from  Pocatello, ID on 2/8/2013
I have psoriasis on my face, but after using this product along with the daily face lotion my psoriasis is completely under control without leaving my face oily. My complexion has never looked so healthy. I will be a life long customer!
Daily Face Wash
By from  Newark, NJ on 1/16/2013
Absolutely the best! Throw out all other products and make it simple and easy with menscience. When they say for all skin types they mean it! On a personal note I'm african american and hope to make it on their brochure lol.
Absolutely worth it
By from   on 12/28/2012
 I like that it is very lite and washes off without any residue. It leaves you with an extremely clean face without over drying. A small amount goes a long way. I will purchase again!
Works for me
By from  West orange NJ on 12/26/2012
 Have used this product for several years. Continue to use it because it works. Skin feels clean and refreshed after each use, never get residue feel on my skin as I did with your typical cleaning products
Exellent product...
By from Italy on 11/27/2012
Daily face wash is an excellent product, whe I wash my face I feel the skin smooth and bright, it is a great product ..
Great !!!
By from   on 11/26/2012
I think when u use it , u will find it's so comfortable !
it is a great. i loved it.
By from   on 10/27/2012
it is a great. i loved it.
By from  brooklyn, ny on 10/20/2012
 got this as a free sample when i bought the shave cream, tried it this morning and all i can say is wowww it feels amazing, menscience does pay great detail to the ingredients it adds to its products and in my opinion has a good track record, i have dry sensitive skin and this product is great for my skin, looking forward to buy the full size, menscience keep up the good work
Daily Face Wash is awesome!
By from Chicago, IL on 10/13/2012
This product far surpasses any other face wash. What's great is this product does not dry up your face. After I dry my face off, it feels nice clean and smooth. I've noticed a huge difference after using this product. This is a must buy! I also recommend using the Advanced Face Lotion after using this product! I promise you, you will not be disappointed!
Best face wash
By from   on 10/11/2012
 I've been using this face wash for at least 4 years now. It doesn't dry me out...it doesn't make me break out...it doesn't strip my skin of moisture. I ran out a few months ago and switched to something else briefly...i went back to this product immediately. it really works well. I use it with the brush for exfoliation everyday.
love this face wash!
By from  maui on 9/9/2012
Been using this face wash for about 8 months now and i love it! It does leave your face a little dry so i use their face lotion as well. I have very sensitive skin and my face dries a lot from other soaps, but this seems to remove the dirt without drying up my face as much. It glides on your face and rinses off easily. Another thing i noticed is that i havent got a cold sore since using this product! I normally get it on the edge of my lip about twice a year and am relieved that i didn't get it yet. Not sure if its this product, but I'm definitely satisfied with this product and I'm hoping my sore is gone forever.
By from San Diego, Ca on 8/29/2012
Great product for any skin type, cleans without over drying, has worked great for my acne with the acne therapy lotion. Highly recommend.
The Best I've Used So Far!
By from Chicago,IL  on 8/23/2012
Daily Face Wash....The BEST I've tried so far and I've been through most of them...Enough said!
2nd Review after using product for almost a year.
By from  maryland on 8/8/2012
Here's the deal. First off I recommend NOT buying the entire system. The tonic/moisturizer smells nice but is virtually useless and far to expensive for what its worth. The daily face wash may work for awhile but in the long run I cant say it did much for me. I generally tried to use it at least once a day until about 5-6 months ago when I began using another face cleansing product off and on, alternating with this one. I guess you could say that i usually only have light acne on my face but at times I can get one or two ugly pimples and that is what annoys me. I also get a lot of small whiteheads around my nose and cheek area and my face always scars and leaves acne marks, which eventually fade but... The spot treatment is terrible as well absolutely do not waste your money on that. Like I said my acne is usually light these days and is mainly concentrated on one area of my face but I'm tired of having breakouts and want a clear face. I recommend looking into taking zinc tablets. I have tried topical solutions and at this point nothing has worked so i will be trying to attack from the inside out. Good luck people, dont get jipped. Menscience offers good products but I cant support this one.
By from  Stone Mountain, GA on 7/8/2012
Excellent product, saw a difference in texture and appearance of skin. Will definitely be a repeat customer.
Best Face Wash so far
By from Los Angeles, CA   on 6/8/2012
Used this for 2 weeks, and now i can see the difference. Made my face smooth and shining
A sensitive skin must!
By from  Texas on 5/14/2012
By far one of the best facial cleansers ever invinted. For people with extra sensetive skin, I recommend this one!!
Greta product
By from  Atlanta ga on 4/15/2012
Great product quick delivery keeps my face feeling clean
By from Houston on 4/12/2012
This is a great product. It's very reasonably priced.
Not thrilled
By from  Vancouver, WA on 4/2/2012
Doesn't replace pre-shave washes, doesn't seem to help with acne at all. I was looking for a better all-around product. Leaves skin very tight and flaky in spots.
Great product
By from  MD on 3/25/2012
the product is a gift to my friend. he said its a great washing cream.
Daily Face Wash
By from NJ on 3/16/2012
Super, super, super, I would recommend.
By from Boston, Ma on 2/24/2012
This is product sucks. it leaves skin oily and i would not recommend it to anyone.
Amazing Product!
By from Miami, FL. on 1/31/2012
This is an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anyone. I have an oily face; I use it twice a day and my face looks great after.
Too Much Dryness
By from   on 1/9/2012
This cleans well and feels great going on but afterwards leaves my skin feeling to dry. Created too much shine and promoted oil production.
Great Product
By from Rouses Point, NY on 10/11/2011
Great product. Leaves my face feeling clean without the oily residue from other daily fae cleansers.
This stuff really works!
By from  STL on 8/22/2011
I've tried numerous other face wash products for men, and have come away disappointed. Most leave your face either dry or oily feeling. This product goes on easy (nice lather), and you can feel it working right away. Your face comes away feeling fresh and invigorated. I travel quite a bit, and never leave home without it.
By from  Milwaukee on 7/24/2011
This s the best I've gotten.my face does not feel weird and dry anymore. I love it.
Wash trouble right out of your face
By from  Florida on 7/24/2011
very clean light scent and leaves you felling like a Movie Star Love the product, all I've purchased are Excellent!
great for all ages!
By from  MS on 7/24/2011
 I am 39yo and the Daily Face Wash has been great for my skin. Shaving has been better since using too! Must have for the active guy.
By from LA   on 7/22/2011
I like this face wash, it doesnt dry out your face but it cleans good. It kinda has a hint of chlorine but it clear up my acne and scars.
By from  Middleburg, FL on 7/21/2011
 Pro: Left my face clean and blemishes no worse Con: Left my face itchy, shiny and blemishes no better
Good face wash
By from  Ohio on 7/1/2011
Doesnt dry out face, cleans well, only problem is its expensive for only an 8 oz bottle - wont last long
acne face wash
By from  san diego on 5/29/2011
when using acne medication if your skin isnt bad than using high percent of bynzol peroxide will dry out your skin thats what it does thats the purpose of it gets rid of top layers of skin by causing them to shed revealing new skin. iv had acne and have done alot of reasearch and have taken many forms of acne medication. if you dont want the dryness than reduce the percent of benzoyl peroxide in the face wash and the salysilic acid also. teh tightness is becasue of this also try a good moisturizer that. and maybe your face wasnt that bad to begin with . so ,this is agreat product just maybe you should consider goin to a dermatologist if you havent found a good product yet
By from  Los Angeles, CA on 4/30/2011
I've had bad acne since i was about 13 and I'm 18 now. I've tried about every product. I read all the good reviews hear and decided to try this. My face now looks a lot nicer. My acne has cleared up and my face is looking a lot better. Menscience makes really good quality products and you get what you pay for in my opinion. I also like the face lotion.
great product
By from  miami.Fl on 4/20/2011
 i have been using this face wash for two weeks , it works great .
It has its good and bads
By from New Jersey on 2/16/2011
I use a combination of many products here on mens science. I feel the Daily Wash works well and prepares my skin for the anti-aging lotion. I like it but I have noticed now that im using it for about a week, that it does dry out the skin (presumably due to the salicylic acid) - now the clear remedy to that of course is to apply more lotion to your face, but how small lotion bottle coupled with the price of all this stuff makes you want to try to use as less as possible. Still its a good product and i reccomend it - it makes my face feel clean and everything used together definately gives me that tight feeling that other products havn't. - just make sure you moisturize after use!
the best ever face and body wash
By from  bakersfield ca on 2/15/2011
i ordered this body and face wash for a week now and i must say this is the best my skin has never felt so good and wash of your skin easly i will never go back to soap again soap has nothing on this product its the best thank you mens science shawn
Works great!
By from CA on 2/12/2011
 I use this product morning and night. A little goes a long way. It cleans away the oily , greasy feeling and leaves my skin clear and clean. It has improved the overall complexion of my skin. This is favorite menscience product.
Finallly found the 1-2 Punch for my face!
By from Provo, UT on 2/9/2011
 Can't say enough about the Daily Face Wash! For years, I have struggled with breakouts on my forehead, nose, and chin. I was able to get the nose and chin under control, but nothing I tried could ever make an impact on my forehead.... Until I found Menscience Daily Face Wash! I have been using this wash for more than a month now and it has completely transformed my face. My skin feels softer and smoother, and my breakouts have subsided. Combined with the Acne Therapy Lotion, my face has never felt or looked better!!
Very refreshing!
By from  Houston, TX on 1/28/2011
I look forward to using this in the morning and night...it really does make your face feel clean and smooth. Try it...its worth the money.
face wash
By from las vegas on 1/27/2011
I feel this very dry. It's a non-foaming face wash. I don't like it even it has great ingredients. I won't buy it again.
It works great!
By from Tempe, AZ on 12/16/2010
It works very well, my skin is moisterized and there hasn't been any blemishes issues. Thank you Menscience!
Feel like a star
By from Burlington, VT on 11/18/2010
A nice product, I feel like a star.
Thumbs Up
By from   on 11/8/2010
Good Stuff
Much better than soap.
By from Garden Grove, CA on 11/8/2010
I'm over 60 and have suffered with oily skin forever. Since I've been using the Daily Face Wash my skin has improved and continues to improve daily. I'll never go back to soap to wash my face.
Daily Face Wash
By from Irving, TX on 11/8/2010
This is a very wonderful product which i ever used. I never been to any chmical product til now but this is the first time i went for this Daily Face wash lotion and Advace Face lotion which is very good experimental in my life and which in turn i feel little bit more..cleanse..in my face.Right now i am using this since 3 weeks..and also wanting to continue it..too..Love it..
Im an Athlete
By from  Changing Weather, New York on 10/26/2010
I have oily sensitive skin and Im an athlete and THIS STUFF WORKS!!! Not a bias or paid review or scripted whatever you wanna call it just follow these steps 1. Wet face warm water with washcloth 2. Small amount rub small circles all over face and neck and behind ears 3. Wash off with slightly cooler water to close pores 4. Use morning and night and just moisturize afterwards 5. Drink water and don't touch your face. SIMPLE :)
Was not anything special for me.
By from Minnesota on 10/25/2010
My skin type: I have oily skin, black heads on nose and cheeks. Occasional break outs. Time using product: 2x a day for the last 3 months. As the first face wash I've used in many many years I don't have much to compre this one too. I read multiple reviews on how well this product works and I can't say that it is the miracle cure all some say it is. It has helped my complexion a bit, maybe by 1-5%, maybe thats all I should expect. The biggest flaw I have with this face wash is it leaves my skin super shiny, almost like I rubbed polish on my face. People comment asking why my cheeks and nose are so shiny. I considered returning the product but figured I'd just use the product in hopes things would get better, things never did. All in all I will not be purchasing a refill nor would I go out of my way to recommend this face wash. I understand not every product works for everyone, so maybe this wash just isn't for my bodys chemistry. I give it 3 stars because I have nothing to compare it too and it has maybe helped my complexion very marginally.
Smaller Bottle, Please.
By from  Houston, TX on 9/15/2010
 I switched from Trufitt & Hill face wash/moisturizer, which are about twice the price, and I won't be going back. This product cleans thoroughly without leaving my skin dry. I also like the fact that it is fragrance free and doesn't irritate my face at all. I would, however, like to see a smaller bottle... say, 3.5 ounces to satisfy the TSA requirements for liquids or gels in a carry-on bag (without buying the whole travel kit). Other than that, I'm hooked.
Never switch again
By from  Cincinnati, OH on 9/9/2010
I don't care how much these products are because they work! I have jumped from Nivea to Cetaphil to Jack Black to Zihr to Anthony but I won't be switching anymore becuase I don't think it can get much better than this!
Best Skin product line I've ever used!!!
By from New York, NY on 8/9/2010
I am 29 years old and have used Proactiv for years...it kept my skin "manageable" or decent but not crystal clear. Switched to Clinique Men's line...it cleared my skin...followed by excessive drying (patches and skin tightness)...I used MD Formulations...didn't work at all...and now...I use this facial cleanser. Skin is soft, smooth and clear. I use this in conjunction with the face tonic followed by the advanced acne cream and then the lotion (I throw on a bit a sunblock afterwards if going out). Once a week I will throw on a mask but this stuff is fantastic...Menscience needs to be doing commericals like proactiv. there is an entire market of men out there looking for solutions to skin problems. I'm glad I tried it. I don't use any other products on my skin whatsoever. By the way, I have oily skin in case you are curious as to my skin type. The stuff works!
broke me out...
By from Queens,NY on 7/20/2010
I have very sensitive skin that reacts when I change from one product to another, so after the first few uses I got a few blemishes, but once my skin was used to the product I haven't had a problem. So, if you have sensitive skin like I do, make sure you give it a chance before you make up your mind.
The best
By from Rhode Island on 5/26/2010
I've tried a lot of cleansers in my life, and this one is the product to beat. It doesn't dry my skin at all, and does a great job at preventing acne and blackheads
A gentle giant
By from Boston, MA on 3/2/2010 6:03:00 AM
With sensitive skin that burns easily, I have tried many different skin cleansers before settling on MenScience Daily Face Wash. I've been a convert and evangelist for the product for two years and scoff at other products' claims suggesting that they might be competitive. They simply aren't. As a well-known actor once said about his equally accomplished wife, "Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?"
One of the most refreshing expericences
By from Bowling Green, KY on 3/1/2010 2:03:00 PM
I was looking for a great face wash. I was soooo tired of buying products and using them for the first time and they worked, but after long term usage just wasnt practical with the typical top name brands. They would eventually dry my face making it tight and sometimes ashy. But i dont have to worry about it with this Cleanser. it not only works the first time but application after application! you dont need alot. every time i lather it in my hands and apply it, its like the first time, every time i use it. Overall its alot of punch for a little price....revitalizes my face and not to mention your not left with that strong odor. I would recommend the face lotion as well. Its a great combination between the two.
works better than soap
By from Colorado Springs, Colorado on 3/1/2010 1:03:00 PM
Doesn't leave a film, face actually comes clean, feels cool and comforting. I will not return to soap ever.
Not Cheap, But Worth It
By from Silver Spring, Md on 3/1/2010 8:03:00 AM
Just a great facial cleanser, particularly for my acne-prone skin. Good exfoliating properties without overdrying. A little goes a long way; one bottle lasts me around 9 months. My skin never looked better. Very highly recommended.
Feel clean and sexy
By from Los Angeles, CA on 2/26/2010 6:02:00 PM
Leaves skin refreshed and clean. Deep cleansing without a scent that makes you gag. The result being healthy looking skin, making the consumer feel alive and sexy.
Best Face Wash I have used to date!
By from Kansas on 2/26/2010 5:02:00 PM
I use the Daily Face Wash in the morning and at night for best results. I have tried many different face washes over the years and have finally found one I will stay with! My face feels completely clean and refreshed after use.
Young again...
By from Anaheim, CA on 2/26/2010 4:02:00 PM
When I use this product, I feel assured that my face will look a little younger and fresh during the day. There are so many products that I've tried but this product is the only one that has came through. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about this product.
Use it Daily
By from San Diego on 2/26/2010 10:02:00 AM
Truly NO Scent
My face never looked so Good.
By from Mission Viejo, Ca on 2/25/2010 2:02:00 PM
I use this daily , love it
Baby Face Again
By from Greenville SC on 2/16/2010 7:02:00 PM
Most likely will be better during the summer months. Dries out my face and I need lotion, alot of lotion.
Good Facewash
By from Durham, NC on 10/7/2009 2:10:00 AM
Cleans well, but it leaves the skin dry
best product ever bought
By from brooklyn ny on 10/6/2009 3:10:00 PM
I used this product everyday after my purchase in fact it is such good product that i finished it within 2 weeks. my skin feels vibrant its cleared and it is by far the best i ever used.
I love the daily face wash!
By from Chicago on 8/20/2009 4:08:00 PM
I use this product at least twice daily to wash my face. All through medical school and residency I suffered from embarrassing breakouts that cleared up when I started using the daily face wash. It doesn't dry out my face like the other stuff I had used, and my skin looks youger because of it. I will never use another face wash.
nice face cleaner
By from Lubbock,Tx on 7/30/2009 8:07:00 PM
It's good stuff-- and I also like it because it will last awhile because this is the only bottle in our bathroom that my wife hasn't touched.
Great ,will buy again.
By from Gainesville Virginia on 7/29/2009 8:07:00 PM
A little goes a long way,therefore the price is just right.The rashes on my face has been greatly reduced after using this product. I have people that have noticed the improvement to my face.I am very happy with this product.
Great stuff for the money
By from California on 7/22/2009 10:07:00 AM
One of the best daily face washes on the planet. Does not leave your face soapy or dry or over-moisturized. Like other reviewers, this stuff works well for acne. I like how it is odorless as well. It is great for people with sensitive skin like myself. The price is not cheap but hey for stuff this good I say it's a bargain.
It really is a DAILY face wash.
By from Washington, DC on 6/23/2009 1:06:00 PM
This is an effective facial cleaner that you can use everyday and it doesn't dry out your skin. For best results use it with the Advanced Skin Lotion.
Cleanes deeply and not harsh on skin
By from Los Angeles, CA on 5/19/2009 9:05:00 AM
Yeah I am a budget buyer, but I was given this as a gift and now I'm hooked. It is worth every penny. No irritating fragrance added. It leaves skin feeling clean and somehow manages to slough off dead skin without drying out or irritating the skin. I have sensitive combination skin and I've never used a better facial cleanser.
The rundown on face washes...
By from New York City, NY on 5/18/2009 4:05:00 PM
Menscience daily facewash does what it says. It leaves your face clean and smooth without overdrying. Ordinary facewashes (i.e. Neutrogena, Clearasil, Aveeno, etc.) wash away dirt/oil but leave a residue which essentially clogs your pores. Try washing a mirror with your facewash, let the mirror dry, then see the film/residue that is left behind. This is what was recommended by my dermatologist. One of these bottles lasts me as long as what 2-3 bottles of the other stuff. The facewash is a clear thin liquid. All you need is a drop the size of a dime and you can wash your entire face. Menscience and other dermatologist recommended brands (real dermatologists, not the ones you see on commercials promoting ordinary facewashes) use more expensive ingredients in their products. They don't spend millions of dollars on advertisements and celebrity endorsements like most ordinary products. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for.
The best cleanser for problem skin
By from Bedford, England on 5/18/2009 1:05:00 PM
I've been searching for a replacement for Dermalogica's Antibac Skin Wash since they unfortunately replaced it with an inferior product. Menscience Daily Face Wash is the perfect replacement. I suffer from clogged pores and flakey skin and this product does the incredible job of making my skin normal again. I like that even though it contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid, they are not in such high concentrations as to cause dryness or irritation - it's just the right balance. Although some may find this a tiny bit drying after washing, I find that I can just about get away with not using moisturiser if I don't want to, which saves money on expensive moisturisers!
By from Los Angeles, CA on 5/18/2009 12:05:00 PM
I really really wanted to LOVE this face wash from all the glowing reviews. But the facewash is just average. I like the fact that it doesn't have any fragrance smell and does leave your skin clean. However, my skin started to itch after using this product. I stopped for a few days and the itch was gone. I went back on and my skin started getting itchy again. To be honest, even without the irritation, it's still pretty average of a cleaner. Hopefully the formulation can be improved and I will definitely give it a try again. For now, I'll be going back to organic products.
Miracle treatment
By from Hudson, FL on 5/18/2009 11:05:00 AM
I was diagnose with rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis. I was given 4 prescription creams that would total $400.00 but thank God for insurance I payed $36.00. After using the face wash for month I haven't had to use the creams.
The only face wash you will ever need!
By from Morehead, KY on 4/9/2009 8:04:00 PM
I have very sensitive skin and most face washes leave my skin too dry to too greasy. The MenScience face wash is perfect. I use the face wash every morning and it leaves my face feeling clean and smooth.
Excellent product
By from Sacramento, CA on 2/10/2009 2:02:00 PM
Leaves face feeling smooth
First time user
By from Los Angeles, CA on 2/5/2009 11:02:00 AM
This is my first time buying a menscience product. I have only used over the counter products like Nivea or Neutrogena facial cleanser which is in the $5 - $7 range and never paid for anything that expensive before. I've decided to look for something new since the Neutrogena face wash always left my face dry and it would have a tendency to break out afterwards. I'm 31 years old now and for the most part never had acne problems, I was just looking for something that cleans my face well and look my best. At first the hefty price tags on their products made me a little skeptical about forking out that much but I feel like with menscience 100% money back guarantee program, it wouldn't hurt to try it out. WOW, after trying on their product, I can see why people pay a premium price for it! This facial cleaner is very gentle and leaves your skin clean and fresh (I have combination of oily and dry skin). Thinking back, most of us guys spend a ton of money on electronic gadgets and our hobbies...for the price you pay to maintain your skin at it's best, it's definitely worth it. I will try to leave a follow up review after continuing to use this product 2 times a day for a month. For some weird reason my forehead was breaking out before I purchased this cleaner, hope it'll do its job.
The ladies love this back-zit cure
By from Washington, DC on 1/13/2009 11:01:00 AM
I began using this product after reading about it in GQ. I have always had problems with "backne" and have tried dozens of different soaps with no luck. This body wash has cleared up the zits and I think it actually has helped with some of the scarring I had. Finally, and most importantly, ladies find the light fragrance that the tea tree oil gives off absolutely irresistible!
Impressive as a stand alone product
By from Moscow, ID on 12/17/2008 2:12:00 PM
I use this product day and night and it leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed. I really like the feeling of using the face wash. Its easy to apply and just as easy to rinse. Can't wait to use it in combination with the advanced face lotion.
Excellent Product
By from Mobile, AL on 12/17/2008 6:12:00 AM
Use every morning in the shower and at night before bed. Does not dry skin out and does not irritate skin at all. Leaves a nice clean feeling without being harsh. I'll continue using for sure.
Good Product
By from Sheridan, IN on 12/16/2008 6:12:00 PM
This is a good product. I was using the product twice daily. I recommend only using product every few days. For my sensative skin if started to break me out worse that I was. I cut back usage to maybe 2 times a week. If has worked great for me.
Effective and Affordable
By from Dallas, TX on 12/16/2008 2:12:00 PM
Upon first reading about the Daily Face Wash, I was somewhat skeptical that a cleanser could be effective for all skin types. Being a male with combination skin, it's imperative that a cleanser not be overly harsh, yet still not be too moisturizing. So far, Menscience has definitely performed well. I use the cleanser twice a day, and it certainly does not over-dry. It has done an incredibly effective job at keeping blemishes at bay, and it has helped considerably to smooth and refine. A small amount surely goes a long way. No product is perfect, but so far I am pleased.
Customer for life!!!
By from Kansas City, MO on 11/8/2008 3:11:00 PM
This is a very quality face wash that will do wonders for your skin. I have been using this product for about a year now and I must say that my skin has never felt or looked this great. The only con I have is that this product along with all the other Menscience products are very addicting so there is no turning back after you try them. Quality investment if you value your skins appearance.
Better than the Rest
By from Santa Barbara, CA on 11/4/2008 6:11:00 PM
I've tried the budget cleansers and it felt like i was throwing my money away because they didn't really seem to work all that well. I've also tried the high-end stuff and while some of the products were good I still felt like i was throwing my money away because they don't give you much for the price. MenScience wash is quality and comes in a large size bottle that'll last you plenty. Great product at a great value.
Deep cleans without overdrying
By from Chicago, IL on 11/4/2008 1:11:00 PM
This product is great for year 'round use- especially during the winter. It deep cleans without over drying. I use it everyday. It is fragrance free and lathers well
Great for Sensitive Skin
By from Phoenix, AZ on 11/4/2008 10:11:00 AM
I used the product for a month straight. Within the month my face started to break out worse which is expected changing face products. As time went on my face started to get really clear with no pimples just little rashy bumps. I have continued to use the product. Glycolic is way great for sensitive skin. Started off a good product for me and now my face looks great.
Cleared up acne
By from Chicago, IL on 11/4/2008 9:11:00 AM
Starting about 45 days ago, I began using the face wash twice a day (along with the face scrub every other day). I have been struggling with acne for the last year or so and have tried everything (including prescription acne medicine). None of it worked. However, my acne is now almost completely gone thanks to the Menscience face wash, face scrub and face lotion. I highly recommend all three products.
Great Stuff
By from Philly on 10/29/2008 12:10:00 PM
This is good Stuff
Good face wash
By from Bellevue, WA on 9/10/2008 7:09:00 AM
Great daily wash. My skin texture felt noticeably smoother after using this and the daily facial moisturizer. My only criticism is the product could smell better - a small price to pay though.
Just what I was looking for
By from New York on 8/27/2008 11:08:00 AM
First off, it seems MenScience products use natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones. With that said, they also don't add unnecessary scents to their products. MenScience's daily face wash makes your face feel clean, and it also makes your skin complexion more natural. Face wash is a good way to prevent outbreaks -- Menscience's face wash does this. I will continue to buy this product.
The best!
By from Norfolk, VA on 8/27/2008 9:08:00 AM
For years I used Zirh's Clean, but no more. Your daily face wash rinses cleaner, cleans better and doesn't dry out my skin.
Didn't know it was possible...
By from Lansing, MI on 8/13/2008 11:08:00 PM
After using just about every major brand of soap and facewash over the years, I'd given up on the product as something that just got some dirt out and maybe smelled good. But nothing ever cleared my complexion, and made my face actually 'feel' good. Now after a year using this, I'm converted. My recurrent acne is all but a memory, and my face feels soft and clean all day. Not sure if it's the glycolic acid, after using salicylic all these years, but whatever it is, it works. At first I was hesitant because of the price, but now seeing that one bottle lasts me 6 months or more, it's easily worth the price. Can't see myself switching from this anytime soon.
Finally - cleanser with no smell
By from Palos Verdes, CA on 8/13/2008 12:08:00 PM
I use this for daily cleansing and it is great. A little goes a long way and it has no smell.
A Great Product
By from Minneapolis, MN on 8/13/2008 11:08:00 AM
The face cleaner from MenScience is a great product for the every day cleaning of your face. It has a light scent and leaves you face feeling very clean. I alternate it with the face scrub and my skin has never looked better. As an added benefit it is a terrific pre-shave routine when used with the Face Buff Brush. This combination gives many of the benefits of a traditional shave brush and I have had some of the closest shaves of my life since using it. Overall I could not be happier.
great product
By from shreveport, la on 8/12/2008 4:08:00 PM
one of the few face cleanser i have used that actually feels like it cleans the skin. i have had bad acne my whole life and this products does a great job. it doesn't cure it but it is a great confidence booster.
Try It!!
By from San Diego, CA on 8/12/2008 1:08:00 PM
I use this every night before I sleep. I also use the Daily Scrub before I shave and they both have done wonders for my skin. This product is gentle, easy to use, comes in a big bottle, and just plain works. I have oily skin and it has helped reduce the oil that my skin produces. My skin is noticeably softer and smoother. Although I wish it worked a little better on the blemishes that were left from the pimples it helped get rid of. But still overall a really good product. I recommend it highly.
Great product, I saw results right away.
By from Towson, Maryland on 8/12/2008 1:08:00 PM
I bought this product for my teenaged son who was having problems with acne and razor bumps. We saw immediate improvement in the texture of his skin and it is so easy to use. I highly recommend it.
Good to the last drop!
By from Sugar Land, TX on 8/1/2008 8:08:00 AM
Treat your face to something special like Menscience Daily Face Wash and Microfine Face Scrub. These are exceptional products that quickly and gently produce visible results. What a phenomenal skin care product for men. My face became softer, remained moisturized, and my pores were visibly reduced. The results were quick to appear and believe me, they were impressive. I highly recommend this product to all men who are looking to improve the look, the feel, and the condition of their skin. Overall, a most excellent product.
You will be happy.
By from Texas on 7/18/2008 9:07:00 AM
I have tried many face wash products and the mens science daily wash has given me the best results. In less than 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my skin. It' clear, not oily, smooth, and most importantly healthy. I will buy this product again and estimate that one bottle will last me 6 months or more. Great buy and great results.
Face Wash Heaven
By from CA on 7/10/2008 2:07:00 PM
Really helps keep skin clean and clear
Best of the Best
By from Plantation, Fl on 6/26/2008 12:06:00 PM
I use this product everyday while I take a shower. I never will use soap again. This face wash leaves me with a sense of total clean.
This is it for me
By from Fairfax, VA on 6/2/2008 6:06:00 PM
I have been using this product for last few weeks. this is a sensative product does what it promises. My sensative eyes no longer burn those used to with other products i used so far.It leaves skin a little dry but there is no product out there which cleans without driness. I have used many expensive ones but i am sold to this one for a long time. until menscinece comes up with upgrades :-)
Not just any face wash!
By from Tucson, AZ on 6/2/2008 9:06:00 AM
I've tried many men's facewash products over the years and have finally found one that truly understands a man's face. I use this product 2x daily and have seen a difference in my skin in just 2 weeks; less breakouts, little to no skin irritation from shaving and an even complexion. I'm looking forward to trying more products from MenScience!
A quality face wash
By from Indianapolis, in on 5/12/2008 11:05:00 AM
used daily in the shower
my friend says you have a very nice skin
By from woodbridge,new jersey on 5/7/2008 2:05:00 PM
wash your face while you are taking shower.
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• Face wash for men removes impurities and debris without stripping skin's natural conditioners

• Smoothes and revitalizes skin by removing dead cells and dull buildup

• Clears grime and oily residues from deep within the pores

• Rinses away fast and clean. Softens and hydrates for healthy skin
How to Use :
Wet face and hands.

Lather a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) on face.

Rinse well.
This product is designed for daily use for all skin types.
Additional Tips :
• For a deeper cleaning experience, apply a small amount of Daily Face Wash for men to the Face Buff Brush and use that to lather on face. The Brush loosens dirt and impurities from skin and deep within pores, while prepping hairs for a closer shave.
What skin types is this product for?

Daily Face Wash for men is a gentle foaming cleanser that is designed to benefit all skin types. Because it doesn’t contain soap or irritants and utilizes conditioning ingredients, it works well for sensitive or dry skin. It’s content of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids also make it appropriate for combination, oily or acne-prone skin. We recommend sensitive and dry skin types use a smaller amount of product (about ½ teaspoon) and combination or oily types use about 1 teaspoon.

What results should I expect to see from using the Daily Face Wash?
Because of the presence of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids, the product will help smooth and soften your skin after only a few uses and your complexion will look smooth, soft and refreshed. As you regularly use the product over time, your skin will continue to look better and better.
How often should I use Daily Face Wash?
Daily Face Wash is a high-performance face cleanser for men to be used in place of soap-based products for regular daily cleansing of the skin. Most men will not need to cleanse their faces more than once a day, but if you have oily skin or your skin accumulates a lot of impurities from work or sports, you can repeat in the evening. While all skin is different, we recommend you use a smaller amount of product (about ½ teaspoon) for dry and sensitive skins and about 1 teaspoon for combination or oily types.
How long should one bottle last?
Daily Face Wash is designed for regular daily use and it is packed in a large 8 oz. bottle. How long it lasts varies widely from customer and customer, but on average it should last approximately 3-5 months.
Should I use the Daily Face Wash before or after the Microfine Face Scrub?
It is not recommended to use both Daily Face Wash and Microfine Face Scrub at the same time unless you have very oily skin. We recommend you alternate the days you use Daily Face Wash and Microfine Face Scrub, making sure to exfoliate with Microfine Face Scrub at least once a week.
My skin feels dry and tight in the morning, but oily and shiny in the evening. Can Daily Face Wash help me?
You may be using a soap that is stripping away your face’s natural softeners. This causes initial dryness, but then provokes an overproduction of oil which makes your face appear oily afterwards. Wash with Daily Face Wash in the mornings to combat this problem (use less amount of product if you have dry skin), and again in the evening only if your face still looks or feels oily.
Is this product for acne-prone skin?
Daily Face Wash is formulated for all skin types to be used on a daily basis and it is not an acne medication. Because it contains a 1% concentration of Salicylic Acid and a 3% concentration of Glycolic Acid, it is an ideal complement for oily or blemish-prone skin.
      > See Complete Ingredients List
Glycolic Acid - Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)
Used by dermatologists and skin care professionals to gently shed upper layers of the skin, leading to smoother, softer skin, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, dry patches and dark spots. Encourages the production of new skin cells for a fresh, healthy complexion.
Salicylic Acid (BHA)
Powerful professional ingredient prescribed by doctors and skin care professionals for treatment of acne, ingrown hairs, and dandruff, and combating signs of aging. Has penetrating, exfoliating, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Helps prevent pore-clogging, refine skin texture and remove oily dead organic matter. Also known as a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA).
Superior anti-irritant and soothing agent of botanical origin. Specially appropriate for sensitive, irritated or stressed skin. Used in small concentrations due to active properties. 
  Vitamin C
Helps protect and repair the skin and improve its appearance due to antioxidant and skin-brightening capabilities.
Aloe Vera Extract (Aloe barbadensis)
Well-recognized moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in formulations for sensitive or stressed skin. Obtained from aloe vera plant. 
Moisturizer capable of attracting and retaining water. Helps in the absorption of other ingredients. Credited with protecting the skin, due to buffering and anti-inflammatory capabilities.
        Ingredients: Acqua purificata (purified water), Decyl poliglucose (and) Ammonium laureth sulfate (and) Disodium cocoamphodiacetate (and) Cocamidopropyl betaine, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, Glycerin, Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) extract, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Urea, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 20, Allantoin.

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