Daily Face Kit

Daily Face Kit

Face regimen for healthy skin
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Best men's facial skin care kit with facial exfoliating scrub, facial cleanser, oil-free moisturizing cream and face brush. This grooming kit is perfect to maintain healthy and great-looking skin and it is recommended for dry, oily and sensitive skin.

Includes: Microfine Face Scrub, Daily Face Wash, Advanced Face Lotion and Face Buff Brush.


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Great Great Stuff!
By from Atlanta, GA on 9/7/2012
I actually heard about this product from a post of a buddy put on Facebook... I had noticed that he had great looking skin from a few of his pictures... So when I saw that this was the products that he was using I started my search for them... I called a couple of High End Stores here in the ATL area with no one carrying them... So I logged on and ordered them online... I must say that I am completely happy with the kit that I ordered... Actually, I am needing to re-order my products... So if you are looking for a great line of facial care products I would strongly recommend MenScience... Awesome Products!! Sincerely, CeeJay*
Great Combination
By from  Boston on 6/21/2012
Being a cosmetologist I like to try different products in the market. The Daily Face Kit is great for people who want to look younger. I use the Daily Face Wash in the shower, Face Scrub in the morning and Face Lotion after every wash. The ingredients in face wash open your pore and face lotion to close your pore. The combinations in this kit are great and the little brush is a good size to clean the face with circular motion. After using these products I can see a big difference. I highly recommend this face kit for people want to prevent aging.
awesome skin care routine
By from maryland on 6/12/2012
the daily face kit is my source for an awesome skin transformation , it removes black heads completly , helps with razor bumps and gives my face the rejuvination it requires , i tried it this weekend and all my friends were like wow your skin looks beautiful and you look handsome , the amount of attention i got from women was priceless compared to this skin care routine , women were checking me out everywhere i went and this really increased my confidence and lets just say i loved being the center of attention in the night club which i go to every week , guys i thought this was another expensive way to spend my money but it turned out to be the best investment in looking good that i ever did , thanks alot menscience for a wonderful mens skin care routine
Great stuff, thoroughly satisfied!
By from Kansas City, MO  on 6/9/2012
The Daily Face Kit included the Daily Face Wash, the Microfine Scrub, and the (what I call) Polishing Brush. From the first use, I really noticed a difference in the texture of my skin: softer, smoother, more clean feeling. The wash is gentle, and when used with the brush it sets you up for a really clean shave. The scrub I use 1-2 times a week, just to slough off any excess dirt. The wash is not drying; I use it every time I clean my face. My skin is dry by nature, but tends to be oily in the 'T-zone'. I am in my fourth week of using the product, and am noticing this becoming much more balanced. Minor breakouts came when I first started with the product, but have cleared quickly and lessened in severity as I continue to use. Sorry so long... just really am pleased with the results, and recommend it highly!
Great, Great and Great
By from San Bernardino on 4/21/2012
This is such a great product!! I love the feel after I apply each product. I have extremly oily face and this kit helps control the problem. I highly recommend it specially the scrub which I apply 2 or 3 times a week, and help shed dead skin cells.  
The search is over, Menscience products are it!
By from  Detroit, MI on 4/7/2012
Men's care products for a long time have been inconstant, scattered and hard to choose from. Even the few men's products that I have found never seem to work well and women's products seem to be more advanced. It's extremely awkward and embarrassing to be dabbling through the wife or girlfriend's products trying to see what works. Finding just simple face scrubs and washing products were never something I could count on until now! I purchased my first Menscience order about a month ago and was hooked after the 2nd day. I ordered the Daily Face Kit since facial products were my biggest concern. The face wash is excellent because I can actually feel it working and as soon as you wash it off it feels as if your face is absorbing the oxygen in the air and your pores are breathing clearly. I use the wash every day in the shower, usually in the mornings but if I shower at night I'll use it then as well. The brush works great and gets every little detail across your face clean! I use the scrub every other day, I switch when I use it, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night, I'm starting to like it at night right before bed. I've also used the scrub on my shoulders where bacne can breakout and it has reduced the signs of breakouts there as well. The thing I love about the advanced face lotion is that it's unscented and goes on extremely clear and matte. I use it in the mornings after I use the face wash and you can feel your skin absorb it quickly and never leaves an oily residue. Overall my skin has never looked this great! The lotion has made my skin look more toned, younger and softer, even the slight bags under my eyes have been reduced and acne has cleared up. Although some people want to give 5 stars but only give 4 due to the cost, I have to give 5 stars since these products are worth every penny. You really do get what you pay for! I can't wait to try some more Menscience products, mainly the body wash, scrub and lotion! Thanks Menscience for the great products!!
Money's worth
By from New York on 10/15/2011
After washing my face with these products, my skin felt a lot smoother and softer. The buffer brush was amazing as it really helped get down deep into those pores clearing all the dirt that gets in your face after a long day. Only complaint is that the cap of the Men's Daily Face Wash was not durable and broke when it fell into the sink from 1 feet in the air. In total, the money is worth it.
By from Columbus,Ohio on 9/14/2011
I been using this for like a month and it works really really good....
Great Purchase!! Highly recommended. Worth the price.
By from  El Paso, Tx. on 7/31/2011
 Great skincare bundled Kit. Pricey but worth it. Stuf just works. The kit comes with a scrub tool, that was the only drawback, its useless.
Menscience is the best so far.
By from San Jose, CA on 5/1/2011
the best product so far.
I love the products. Excellent my skin never been better!! I do have suggestions..
By from  florida on 2/28/2011
I love the products. Excellent my skin never been better!! I really saw results in my skin three days after trying it. I do wish that it shows the percentage of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid in the boxes or bottles 2% or higher? For the price it should be. I think that the advance face Tonic should be a bigger bottle for the price “mine is almost finished”. Overall I’m extremely happy with the products. Send me coupons, discounts, sales,etc...
I likey
By from Detroit, MI on 2/11/2011
I enjoy all the product but I'm not sure what the little brush is for, I tried it and wasn't really impressed. With that said everything else works really well, a bit smelly but nothing I can't work around.
Everything you need!
By from  Chicago, IL on 12/15/2010
I was in my early 30's and still breaking out like a teenager, when I tried the MenScience Daily Face Wash, Scrub, and Lotion. My skin cleared up and looked brigher and cleaner than it ever has. The lotion is amazing, no greasy feeling or shine when you put it on. 5 years later, and I still use the products religiously. Love that you can get everything together in the Daily Face Kit! Highly recommended.
great products, great price
By from PA on 12/10/2010
I had bought a couple of this products separately (face scrub and wash) and i though they were great, leaving my face soft and clean. This kit has those products plus the face moisturizer and the brush, for a really good price, less than buying the products separately. The face lotion is probably the best moisturizer i have ever found.
Not for me
By from Bern, Switzerland on 12/8/2010
I used this for one week twice a day, the result? Gave me a skin rash. Stopped using it: rash dissapeared
Better than I thought
By from   on 11/8/2010
I was completely shocked of how well this product works, it cost just a little bit more than other products,,,but it's all worth it,,Sometimes the best things cost more,,I have been using this product for a month,, & I have notice a big change,,, my face looks so clean,,,I am totally satisfied,,I recommend this product......I can't believe that I sound like a commercial...But it's all true!!!!!
I like it so far
By from  Rochester, NY on 11/8/2010
I bought this product a month or so ago. I've never been very good at using things like these every day, but have been keeping up as well as I can. I have noticed my skin just feels better. The lotion is great, my skin doesn't feel dry anymore which I've had problems with. The wash and scrub are good too, there's a big difference between soap and these cleansers with the way your face feels after. By no means have these done anything about my acne, but I didn't think that they would. I'm definitely thinking about trying some more MenScience products after my experience with this kit though and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new product. -Jon
Great skin care regimen
By from Reading, PA on 2/25/2010 8:02:00 PM
These products work!! The daily face wash with brush cleanses and help prepare face for shaving by unclogging pores and lifting hair. The micro-fine face scrub exfoliates and helps minimize scarring and sun damaged skin. Giving your face a healthy look and feel. Last but not least, the advanced face lotion is oil free,light weight and absorbs quickly giving just enough moisture to your face all day.
Finally found a great product for men!
By from Georgetown, KY on 10/7/2009 3:10:00 PM
I did alot of research for a good line of skin products for men, and decided on Menscience. I have only been using the kit for about 2 weeks but am already noticing improvement in my skin. I have never had bad acne, but did have a couple trouble spots. Those have already began clearing up. My girlfriend has also noticed my skin being softer. Thank you, Menscience, for a great line of skincare products! I will be ordering again!
Love It!!!
By from Cartersville, GA on 7/25/2009 8:07:00 PM
I have got so say this stuff works great. It has been only 3 days but my complexion is already looking better, and my skin has never felt so clean. I honestly cant wait until i use it again later that night because you feel so clean and refreshed. I use the buff brush with the daily face wash every time, and i use the microfine scrub 3 times a week. I love the Face tonic the best bc your face feels perfect after using it. The lotion is crazy sweet too!!! My face feels nourished and smooth all day, not tight or dry. Menscience will def be the only products i use!!!
A Clean Slate
By from Tennessee on 4/10/2009 3:04:00 AM
Originally from Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Tennessee for school. Adjusting to the climate and humidity change added to my struggle to maintain a clear, acne-free complexion. Saw amazing results within the first week of use. Smoother, brighter and healthier skin developed. This product cleanses the skin deep and results are amazing. Whether you struggle with acne, oily or a combination, this product is the key to unlock healthy skin.
Good Stuff
By from New York, NY on 7/29/2008 8:07:00 AM
Use it on a daily basis. At first the skin gets dry so I used another moisturizer. Helps keep most of my skin clean and relatively oil free. However, doesn't help with my deep blackheads on my nose.
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