Facial Cleansing Mask

Facial Cleansing Mask

Clay Mask for Men with Green Tea.
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• Absorbs impurities and pre-clogging residue
• Leaves skin clear, smooth and revitalized

This mix of pulverized green tea and refined clay is unlike anything you have put on your face before. Actually feel it working as it absorbs the impurities and clears pores of residues and excess oil, leaving your skin super clean, revitalized and smooth. Ideal for all skin types. Use once or twice a week to maintain your complexion clean and clear year-round. 3 oz.


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Best I've tried yet.
By from  Chicago on 8/31/2012
 Simply put, this mask is the best I've tried. It cleared up the black heads on my nose quite well, and it leaves your face feeling so soft.
By from  Texas on 8/30/2012
Never used a mask before as I thought they were solely for women. Man, I've been missing out. If you're skeptical of the price, it lasts for a long time and well worth it. Great product--easy to put on and take off. I only use it once a week and could tell a HUGE difference after week 1.
Men Science Facial Cleansing Mask
By from  Birmingham, AL on 8/7/2012
I found the mask to be one of the best Facial Cleansing Mask I have ever used, and I have used a few. I especially liked the tone of my skin and the glow it gave my face after each use. I would highly recommend this product to all men who currently use facial masks.
By from  Los Angeles on 8/2/2012
Best mask I ever try...
Great product, but shortchanged on quantity
By from   on 3/21/2012
I really like this product. I saw a very noticeable difference in the quality of my skin from the very first use. Overall, the skin on my face look more even, clearer, and even felt smoother. However, that said, I've given only three stars because I'm disappointed with the quantity I received. The first jar I ordered was completely full, all the way to the top. The last two I ordered were both half full. I don't feel like I'm getting what I paid for. For this reason, I probably won't order again.
This mask is awesome!
By from  Alexandria, va on 2/27/2012
This mask is awesome! Smells good, feels good, and leaves your skin looking good!
Favorite mask I've used
By from  Zurich, Switzerland on 1/13/2012
 I've tried many masks and spent a lot of money in doing so. This is my favorite one I've used. It's a small container, but really lasts a long time. I use after shaving and works great.
This is a very good product
By from  Silver Spring, MD on 11/21/2011
Facial Cleansing Mask is a magnificent product created for man. It makes your skin soft and smooth. I am using it now, and i am very happy because it really works. If you want to have a beautiful skin then you must buy this product.
Mask of Greatness!
By from  Central Flroida on 7/24/2011
Ordered the product as "I'll give it a try" why of thinking. I is FANTASTIC........very surpirsed and happy with results. You'll love it too, I gtd. it.
By from   on 7/1/2011
Works Awesome!!! my favorite mask. pretty small though 3 oz!?!
By from San Bernardino on 4/21/2011
The mask feels so refreshing while it's on. With my type of skin (oily) I would recommend more of a peel mask but this one feels and does wonders for my face.
By from LA on 3/5/2011
Ya I'll use this 2x a week, Thursday night and Sunday night. Works good, clears up my face and makes it soft. I use the mens science face scrub in the shower and then after words I'll use this mask. Wait like 10 mins and then wash it off and then use the face tonic and then the lotion. It's a good regiment and it cleared up my acne and scars.
By from John Diego, TX on 2/15/2011
Good product. Leaves my face looking and feeling better. I found that leaving it on longer gives me better results so I usually keep it on about an hour. The only bad thing is that I expected more for the price.
Good so far
By from Houston, TX  on 1/27/2011
I havent used this product much, but it good so far.
By from  houston tx on 1/8/2011
the best menscience great product
One of the best facial cleansing mask out there!!
By from Los Angeles, CA on 12/16/2010
This is my second time ordering the Menscience facial cleansing mask. I'm not a big fan of constant exfoliation and using scrubs or facial mask several times a week. I'm aware that exfoliating often provides quick and dramatic results to improving your skin tone and clearing out blemishes on your face. However, I think that long term wise it's not really healthy to keep shedding skin at a fast pace. So typically I use the facial cleansing mask once a month or every time I get a haircut and use Menscience Face scrub to exfoliate like 1-2 times a month max. I use these things as a last resort or as skin cleaning once in awhile and focus more on exercising and eating healthy. The results has been great! My first order for the facial cleansing mask lasted close to a year and a half. Unfortunately, I've learned that the shelf life for the facial mask doesn't last that long. With the remaining 15% left, everything dries up into clunks so you can't really apply it on your face anymore. I would say on average this facial cleansing mask last for about a year max. What I like about this mask is that it goes on very smoothly and easily. I leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it really dries out and after washing it, your skin feels really clean. Acne blemishes or spots tend to lighten up a little and your overall skin tone looks fresh. Face feels crispy clean. Yes, it feels a little emasculating to be putting on a mask but I just think of it as cleaning my face! Definitely one of the best products that Menscience carries and I think that most users would notice results shortly.
By from  Ann Arbor,MI on 12/15/2010
 Very comfortable for my skin, I have a better smooth goodlooking skin .
bye bye oils
By from  Houston on 12/1/2010
 Facial Mask decreases my oily complexion for about 2-3 days and makes it feel clean and refreshed.
Pretty Good!
By from   on 11/15/2010
This being the first of the "Menscience" line I have tried, I'm happy with this product! The one thing I did realize though is that I cannot use it as often as three days a week like the instructions say. My skin is just to sensitive and it was to harsh to do it that often in a week. Two is perfect though and it has really helped clean up my skin and get rid of some acne! I'd recommend it!
great product
By from NY  on 11/8/2010
 works well, I feel refreshed and toned after using
Excellent product
By from Berkeley, CA on 11/7/2010
 This mask is soothing to the face and a great thing to do once or twice a week to keep combat clogged pores and dry skin. I sometimes remove it in the shower with the Microfine Face Scrub..
wonderful facial mask
By from  Kansas City, MO on 10/12/2010
This is the best facial mask I've used. Like the eye cream I have purchased from MenScience, it doesn't have any smell, and it's very gentle. When I put it on my skin, I feel so comfortable, and love it! And after I used it before I went to sleep, I found my skin looks like has been refreshed in the morning!
Not Good
By from  Los Angeles, CA on 8/8/2010
When I receive it and open the box, the mask was only half of the box. The looking of the box was raw, no volume identified at all. Maybe next time I will receive a box of one fifth capacity filled only. So you would think it a good price when you buy it but when you got it you would feel regretful.
By from  Middletown, NY on 7/15/2010
Simply the best! I use it twice a week with awesome results.
Soft, clean skin
By from Reading, PA on 2/25/2010 3:02:00 PM
I use the mask twice a week after I shower. It feels great and you can feel it working. It makes your skin feel soft and rinses off easily.
A Clean Face is a......Clean Face
By from Marlton, NJ on 12/4/2009 10:12:00 AM
Using the Face Cleansing Mask even a little as once a week really cleans the grit from your face. Especially effective after a good shave.
By from Arizona on 10/27/2009 12:10:00 AM
This stuff is great! I have cystic acne and this is one of the only things I've found that helps fade red marks, beat pimples down, and make my skin look much nicer. This with red mark treatment can really help get rid of red marks quickly.
Re-energizes your face every time
By from Fairfield, CT on 10/9/2009 4:10:00 PM
I started using the face wash and scrub daily and loved the results but using this mask 2 times a week has greatly improved my complexion and breakouts. It's almost like a reset button for your face - every time I use it my skin looks and feels so much fresher. As long as you use the right amount of the product you can get many more uses out of one tub than you would think. I strongly recommend this product.
Worth Every Penny
By from Dallas, TC on 7/24/2009 12:07:00 PM
By far the best. Someone else reviewed it and said it made their skin fit better on their face. I know exactly what he's talking about. I have very oily skin and this mask reduces my pores and leaves my skin clean without overdrying. My skin looks and feels tight, clean and bright.
This Face Mask is Awsome
By from San Diego, CA on 7/24/2009 11:07:00 AM
This product is Awsome I still get acne sometimes when I'm stressed put the mask on after the gym when I get home leave for 10 min and after it feels like you went to a spa for a facial and it minimizes your blackheads leVes your skin fresh and smell good.
Excellent Product
By from ft lauderdale on 7/24/2009 11:07:00 AM
Goes on easy and actually feels and smells nice. It totally absorbs excess oils and leaves skin smooth, clean & clear. Put it on, 15 minutes later it's dry, wash it off and it's a done deal.
Follow the instructions
By from Washington, DC on 6/23/2009 1:06:00 PM
Follow the instructions. The second time I used this product I left it on too long and suffered redness and irritation.
Great cleansing mask
By from Chicago on 4/29/2009 11:04:00 PM
This is really a great mask, better than others I have used. It's the best thing you can do for your skin.
Better than I expected
By from Indianapolis, IN on 4/7/2009 11:04:00 AM
Good product, was surprised how well it worked. I would definitely purchase it again.
Best for oily skin
By from Phoenix, AZ on 4/6/2009 12:04:00 PM
Probably would work best on oily skin. It tended to dry me out a bit too much.
The Power of Green
By from Long Island, NY on 9/16/2008 2:09:00 PM
I use this product once a week when my skin starts to get oily. It spreads easily and because the color is green it is easy to apply without missing any spots. The product lets you know when it's time to wash it off because it dries and your skin feels tight. The scent is a little strong but it smells natural and not like a bunch of chemicals. I am going to continue to use this product if my girlfriend doesn't finish it first. I'm giving the product four stars because I wish that you got more for the price that you pay.
Green Clean
By from Natchez.MS on 8/27/2008 1:08:00 PM
This is a great mask. It is the first one I have used but I can tell the difference it has made. My face is far less prone to breakouts and in grown hairs.
100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED!
By from Aberdeen, ID on 8/26/2008 2:08:00 PM
I use this product just as the directions on the container suggest, two to three times per week. This product is amazing! After my first use, I noticed a change. My skin felt healthier and cleaner. This may sound funny, but it tightened my skin up so it fit my face better! There is one word that sums up any and all products you can buy at MENSCIENCE. Quality. The only con connected with this product, that I have found, is its price. It is quite spendy. However, there is a saying that says "good things come in small packages." It doesn't say they come cheap!
By from Corona, ca on 8/15/2008 5:08:00 PM
The smell is great and very effective!~!
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• Detoxifies, purifies and revitalizes skin, leaving it renewed and infused with active antioxidants

• Absorbs impurities and pore-clogging oily residue for deep-down cleansing and a clear complexion

• Nurtures and conditions the skin leaving it visibly smoother and softer
How to Use :
Gently spread a generous amount to cover the face and neck area avoiding eyes and mouth.

Leave on for 5-10 minutes or until dry.

Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
Repeat two or three times per week. No need to wash face afterwards.

Additional Tips :

• Combine the use of this clay mask for men with a facial moisturizer to restore suppleness and elasticity, and improve absorption of the active ingredients.

• Beyond providing immediate benefits, when used regularly over a period of time the powerful ingredients in Facial Cleansing Mask will clear and revitalize the skin, absorbing impurities and softening.

What can I do to improve excess oily skin?

Oily face skin is a problem that afflicts many men. A deep-cleansing face mask is key to your skincare routine. Facial Cleansing Mask contains pure and natural pulverized green matcha tea that absorbs immediately and is extremely effective in treating oily skin and detoxifying the skin.

How Often Can I use Facial Cleansing Mask?
This clay mask for men can be used two or three times per week since it actually purifies and softens the skin.
Should I use more Facial Cleansing Mask in the summer?
Summer conditions affect your skin’s natural moisture balance. Facial Cleansing Mask is a great choice for dealing with these environmental factors.
Should I use the Facial Cleansing Mask if I have normal to oily and oily skin?

The effective formulation of this clay mask absorbs excess oils and is ideal for normal to oily and oily skin types. If you feel that you need to balance your skin's moisture, we recommend that you use an ultralight, oil-free face moisturizer.

      > See Complete Ingredients List
Soybean extract contains vitamins A, E and K, and is a non-irritating, natural moisturizer. Olive Extract has superb antiseptic properties and battles the effects of dry and damaged skin. It contains Vitamin E and beneficial fatty acids that moisturize and hydrate skin.
Obtained from the aloe vera plant, a stemless, spiky-leaved plant well-recognized for its moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in formulations for sensitive or stressed skin. Has been credited with treating burns, cuts, inflamed skin and dry skin conditions. The clear gel-like sap of the aloe plant has also been used internally as a laxative. There are over 400 species of aloe in the world today.
Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)
Dermatological-grade "hypermoisturizer". Occurs naturally in the skin. Employed mostly in high-performance professional formulations due to its elevated cost. Application results in increased firmness and elasticity, and improvement in the appearance of small lines.
Natural nutrient, conditioner and moisturizer for skin and hair. Forms a thin film on hair follicles to help strengthen them and maintain a natural moisture balance, preventing roughness and brittle texture.
Bentonite and Kaolin Clays

Bentonite and Kaolin are natural purified clays extracted from natural deposits from volcanic and geological origin. They have been used in medicine and skincare for their unique abilities to absorb large amounts of proteins, oily residues and natural sebum, thus removing skin impurities and pore-clogging residues.

Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)
Powerful antioxidant with high content of catechin and phenolic acids. Plays an important role defending against free radicals, and soothing and calming stressed skin.
        Ingredients: Acqua purificata Butylene Glycol, Illite, Kaolin, Bentonite, Cetyl alcohol, Sodium laureth sulfate, Glyceryl stearate SE, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium aluminium silicate, Melia azadirachta, Allantoin, Farnesol, Laminaria digitata, Hamamelis virginiana, Equisetum hyemale, Calendula officinalis, Camellia sinensis, Rosamarinus officinalis, Cinnamomum camphora, Melaleuca alternifolia, Xantham gum, Disodium EDTA, Propylene glycol, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate.

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