Advanced Shave Kit

Advanced Shave Kit

Perfect for all skin types
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Best men's shaving kit to treat razor burn and get rid of ingrown hairs. This shave protocol will deliver a close shave, while preventing razor burn and hydrating your face after shaving. It features the best shaving cream and after shave toner for men. 

We guarantee that your shave will be smoother and closer than ever, and you will treat razor burn and ingrown hairs at the same time.

Includes: Advanced Shave Formula and Post-Shave Repair.


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Oh so good!!!
By from san diego on 5/3/2012
 So good...i love this product its the best i have found for shaving and its makes life so much easier!!!!! i wish i could give 10 stars...
By from  Miami, FL on 4/18/2012
The advanced shave kit is the best shaving system I have ever used! My skin never feels irritated after shaving, finally a shaving product out there that does what it says! A must try, you won't be disappointed!!!
By from Rhode Island on 10/13/2011
The search is over. Great performance. Smooth, non-irratating wonderful results. Tried numerous shave products over the years. This is the best. two sons love it also. follow-up with spray moisturizer seals the deal. Light no fragrance. Awesome product. wonderful and noticeable positive results. always recommend to others.
Just an awesome product.
By from   on 7/17/2011
These products are just awesome, after my first shave using the shaving lotion surprised no razor burn. My skin feels great. Thru post shave spray leaves my face cool and refreshed. The oil free lotion does what is says, and holds my oily skin at bay. Thanks for a super great product.
No more razor bumps!
By from  Brooklyn ,NY on 6/30/2011
My razor bumps are almost all cleared up, with no new ones forming since I started using the works great!
the smoothest shave
By from buffalo, ny on 3/21/2011
This is my second favorite menscience product; the best shaving cream out there. It protects my skin and gives me a super-smooth and close shavve. 
shave lotion
By from  georgia on 3/14/2011
I did not like the shave lotion because It formed a thick goo on my face and clogged up my razor.
Great products that work....
By from Natchez, MS on 2/26/2010 9:02:00 AM
This is a great product for sensitive skinned people. I used to avoid shaving as I was subject to ingrown hairs and razor rash. I have tried a lot of different products, and this is the only one that I recommend. With these products I can shave everyday and not have to worry about the redness and irritation that I experienced with other brands.
Incredible Product
By from Saginaw , MI on 7/29/2009 5:07:00 PM
I'm 25 years of age and I have been battling razor burn on my neck for several years since my hair has thickened. I've searched the internet, and came across MENS SCEINCE! Their products have helped me tremendously. I no longer fight the fight i could not win thanks to mens science. If this is a problem for you, HERES THE SOLUTION.
Fantastic product!
By from Washington, DC on 7/29/2009 5:07:00 PM
I bought this shave kit for my boyfriend because he had been struggling with ingrown hairs and cutting himself every time he shaved. Literally, since he started using this product, he has not cut himself or had an ingrown hair from shaving. He is extremely happy with the product, and I am too with my happy, clean-shaven boyfriend!
Great for Ingrown Hairs
By from anaheim on 5/26/2009 1:05:00 PM
My wife bought this product for me because I had the ingrown hair problem. This product took care of it. My skin looks smooth with no bumps.
Absolutely Essential for Tough Beards!
By from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 4/10/2009 12:04:00 AM
Took off three days of beard growth with ease and no irritation. The shave was smooth and painless and the aftershave refreshing. Highly recommended!
Spectacular shave
By from Kent,Wa on 1/13/2009 8:01:00 AM
Experienced a noticible reduction in shaving irritation and ingrown hairs.
Perfect Product!!!!!!
By from Dayton, OH on 12/16/2008 10:12:00 PM
I have battled with ingrown hairs my entire life...nothing worked (and I've tried everything on the commercial shelf)...Menscience has come up with a product that is not only cost effective but cures a problem that affects many men. I use the Advanced Shave Formula and Post Shave Repair daily and am completely satisfied and amazed each day with their results. Definitely Recommended!!!
Great Purchase!!!
By from Dayton, OH on 8/12/2008 4:08:00 PM
Shaving cream is great. Still waiting to see if the ingrown hair treatment works...but still a great product!
I would buy this product again!
By from Nashville, TN on 7/30/2008 7:07:00 AM
Good product shaving is closer then with my old products I was using. Still get ingrown hairs but not as much as before.
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